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Urgent!7 month old baby with rash/sunburn like mask on face

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SouthernFriedTofu Tue 06-Sep-11 02:27:45

Just what it says looks like an allergic reaction to me, can't go to A and E straight away as DH was just just taking apart headlights to fix them for work tomorrow. (5 hrs behind you not in the UK) he should hopefuly not be too much more than 20 minutes but I'm scared. She doesn't have a fever as far as i can tell.

brighthair Tue 06-Sep-11 02:29:05

It's a cliche I know but <have a hug>
when did it start?

SouthernFriedTofu Tue 06-Sep-11 02:29:26

oh also showed up only about 25 mins ago and might be lightening now hard to tell

brighthair Tue 06-Sep-11 02:30:12

Is she breathing ok and acting normally? Could it be slapped cheek?

SouthernFriedTofu Tue 06-Sep-11 02:35:26

Yeah she seems fine in herself she's falling asleep its 9:30 here. she isnt insured i dont want a thousand dollar bill if it turns out to be pfb syndrome but can't let her get ill because of us not sorting it out.thanks for answering. I wondered if she had fallen but neither of us noticed it although i had just mopped an hpur or so ago dh thinks it might she got it onh her face?

my2centsis Tue 06-Sep-11 02:36:45

is it anywhere else other then her face?

SouthernFriedTofu Tue 06-Sep-11 02:48:43

No and the mystery is solved! I had just fed her and wiped her face with babywipes I had smelled a funny smell on her when i was holding her checking her face. DH just ran up to remind me that they were brand new baby wipes! i smelled the wipes its what i smelled on her and the colour is exaclty where I woudl have wiped her. colour is starting to fade away now. Thank you for answering me feel stupid now, but was conviced somethign horrible was wrong as we have a lot of allergies in our fmaily and i wasnt sure what menengitus looked like on a baby.

SouthernFriedTofu Tue 06-Sep-11 02:49:25

Oh and they were the sensitive natural ones too! bloody plant extracts

my2centsis Tue 06-Sep-11 03:00:41

lol at least all is fine now smile when dd was about 4months she got a rash over her whole body! she had had heat rash before and it didn't look like that so i FREAKED out rang doctors crying lol, took her in and it was heat rash just a bad version i felt like a fool... but a relieved fool grin

SouthernFriedTofu Tue 06-Sep-11 03:05:57

I think I would have just fanted dead away if she'd had that happen! I amimpressed you were able to ring doctors grin Bloody dd. She's just laying there sleeping like a baby... no rash or care in the world.

ZonkedOut Tue 06-Sep-11 03:11:05

I'm glad she's ok and you know what it is. My DD had something like that a while ago, a red Mark in her face which faded after a couple of hours. It was from something she ate (where the juice went over her face).

I would suggest finding out and keeping in mind the symptoms of meningitis though, both to save you worrying about it in future, and just in case it ever happens. My nephew is only around today because an an alert doctor picked up on a couple of the rarer symptoms and called an ambulance!

SouthernFriedTofu Tue 06-Sep-11 03:14:02

Thanks Zonked that's a good idea and I will do. I think I will also see if I can get her an allergy test at the doctors so I know what it is that cause the reaction in the wipes.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Tue 06-Sep-11 04:35:30

Rather than having her allergy tested (and paying, I assume) have a look at the ingredients in the wipes you used. They may contain a common allergen/irritant, such as lanolin, which you can avoid in future.

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