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To ask nursery to stop talking to me about my dds food intake while she is with me

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pud1 Mon 05-Sep-11 21:30:02

dd is going back to nursery tomorrow. She goes two full days. Since day one she has been fine apart from at dinner time. She refuses most meals and although this means that she does not get pudding she still refuses to eat most of the time. There are certain meals she will have but she refuses most of them, they have also tried to give her sandwiches but she refuse these. She does not have problems at home and I did suggest doing a packed lunch but they said that if she refuses to eat there sandwiches there is little point. She eats Her cereal and her afternoon snack which is normallyna sandwich but just refuses lunch. This has resulted in her drying on the way to nursery saying she does not want to go. Whey have asked why she tells me that she does not want to eat the dinner. I feel that it has been made more of an issue because every time i drop her off and pick her it's all they talk to me about. We have these conversations in front of dd and i think that she is seeing it as a way of getting attention. Wibu to ask them not to mention her eating in front of her and not to make any issue of it at lunch time

OddBoots Mon 05-Sep-11 21:32:36

That doesn't sound unreasonable, hopefully they will understand. Maybe suggest a communication book instead?

mummymccar Mon 05-Sep-11 21:37:51

I think that it'd be useful if you could have a conversation with the nursery without her being there, yes. Maybe you could arrange to meet with the room leader after session one day and arrange for her to go to a friend's fir an hour. As to her not eating their food, it could be that she simply doesn't like the bread they buy. It is very odd that they won't allow you to bring food especially for her though. I think you should probably discuss that issue with them again. The only reason I can think that they'd refuse is if another child has an allergy but then you can just avoid those foods. Definitely worth another chat, especially if it is worrying you all so much.

pud1 Mon 05-Sep-11 21:49:17

They haven't said that I can't bring packed lunch just that they don't think the food is the issue. She will not eat an sandwich at lunch but will eat one at snack time.

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