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to not peel an apple....

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nubbins Mon 05-Sep-11 16:13:58

....for my 10 yr old DD?

thats it basically. she thinks it is child cruelty. I have seen her eat an apple with skin on before, and am no longer willing to pander to it, plus, she knows where the peeler lives.

MinimallyNarkyPuffin Mon 05-Sep-11 16:14:45

Tell her to call the NSPCC.

Deflatedballoonbelly Mon 05-Sep-11 16:15:31

Give her the number for childline

fanjobanjowanjo Mon 05-Sep-11 16:15:47


thisisyesterday Mon 05-Sep-11 16:16:13

yanbu to refuse to do it

but i would do it. now and then. it;s just a nice thing to do isn't it?

peggotty Mon 05-Sep-11 16:16:36

Tell her it's cruel to skin apples alive and it's better if she just takes a big bite to put it out of it's misery wink

nubbins Mon 05-Sep-11 16:18:05

lol pegotty, I am going to try that!

TheVermiciousKnid Mon 05-Sep-11 16:18:09

I've got to admit, I never peel apples - except maybe for a particularly nice cake or something like that. Both my kids will quite happily eat unpeeled apples!

gardenpixies32 Mon 05-Sep-11 18:59:14

Cruel cruel mother smile

mumblejumble Mon 05-Sep-11 19:01:11

LOL, my kids always whinge about wanting peeled apples. I blame dh who peels his own apples, and then of course, this extends to blaming MIL.

Ineedacleaneriamalazyslattern Mon 05-Sep-11 19:01:40

YANBU, I refuse to peel them for dss who is 11 and the fussiest eater in the world. I don't peel for ds1 or dd (or ds2 for that matter but do chop them for him) so I'm not doing it for an 11 year old.

thisisyesterday Mon 05-Sep-11 19:07:11

awww buyt i remember being a kid and wanting my mum to peel apples.

i ate them with the peel on, but just preferred them without, and i just could not get to grips with the peeler, it took me hours to do.
so I remember always being really happy when my mum said she'd do me one, which wasn't all the time btw, but now and then

CurrySpice Mon 05-Sep-11 19:09:09

No wonder British society is in the state it's in if mothers refuse their children these basic human rights.

You cruel cruel witch you!!

<<doesn't mention that she still cuts up and cores an apple for her DC>>

carabos Mon 05-Sep-11 19:10:22

When DS 2 and I are sitting cosily chatting on the sofa having a bit of 1:1 time I peel and cut up fruit for us to nibble. All other times he eats them unpeeled (he's 18 grin).

hiddenhome Mon 05-Sep-11 19:11:06

You're meant to peel apples due to pesticide use. They're one of the most heavily contaminated fruit there is sad

TheVermiciousKnid Mon 05-Sep-11 19:27:49

'You're meant to peel apples due to pesticide use. They're one of the most heavily contaminated fruit there is '

Not our own apples. ;) Or the organic ones I usually buy (I would hope!).

seeker Mon 05-Sep-11 19:30:32

I've just cutban orange into "moons" for my 15 year old- she's struggling with some homework andnit made her smile.

Oakmaiden Mon 05-Sep-11 19:32:43

You shouldn't peel apples - there is so much nutritional benefit to apple skin! However, you do need to wash them thoroughly to get rid of pesticides etc - or buy organic.

Catsmamma Mon 05-Sep-11 19:32:54

seeker did you put a whole one in your mouth to cover your teeth do a big orange peel smile at her??

seeker Mon 05-Sep-11 19:34:48

Ooh, I might make some orange peel teeth- that'd annoy her!

HairyGrotter Mon 05-Sep-11 19:35:34

Apple skin has the 'good' stuff in, wash it and bosh.

I've never peeled an apple confused

Nagoo Mon 05-Sep-11 19:54:36

peeled apples are lovely it is true.

You know someone loves you when they peel you an apple.

Or when they cut your toast into little triangles. Squares? meh. Has to be triangles.

TheVermiciousKnid Mon 05-Sep-11 19:55:43

Ha! I'm glad to see I'm not the only cruel mother on here. grin

I do agree about toast triangles though. smile

StrandedBear Mon 05-Sep-11 19:59:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CurrySpice Mon 05-Sep-11 20:01:05

strandedbear I do the "starting off" thibg as well.

But only with sweets grin

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