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Internet contract

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Jellyboobs Mon 05-Sep-11 13:35:39

Me and the OH signed up with BT for a 12 month internet contract at our old address for a £12.99 a month. Our landlord then sold the house and we've moved up the road. BT now say that because we're in a different postcode (less than 5 miles away) and they have to 'piggy back' on o2's internet line (I really thought they were the same company) we now have to pay £21.99 a month. Surely if we signed a contract, they have to honour it for the remains of the time (around 6 months)
OH has practically agreed to it (the bill is in his name and he hates dealing with stuff like this), but I'm livid!

nocake Mon 05-Sep-11 13:52:34

I'm confused about why BT would have to piggy back on an O2 line. I thought BT owned all the fixed lines and it's other companies who piggy back on them.

If BT can't provide the service for you at the same price then it sounds like you have every right to cancel the contract.

biddysmama Mon 05-Sep-11 13:55:30

yabu... you moved house so the contract doesnt count.. would you find it reasonable if you moved house and they couldnt provide you internet at the new house and you still had to pay for it?

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