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to sprinkle sugar on my cornflakes?

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kerrymumbles Sun 04-Sep-11 23:21:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

faverolles Sun 04-Sep-11 23:22:23

I always do. Never thought it was wrong.
They're not very nice without sugar.

kerrymumbles Sun 04-Sep-11 23:22:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cadelaide Sun 04-Sep-11 23:23:06


bet your dh has lovely teeth though.

MumblingRagDoll Sun 04-Sep-11 23:23:08

Your DH must have been brought up on Mars...everyone puts sugar on cornflakes!

whackamole Sun 04-Sep-11 23:23:15

No, I do it too!

Don't really like them without, although other cereal is fine plain. Also, has to be cornflakes with sugar, NOT Frosties or the pre-sugared crap.

backwardpossom Sun 04-Sep-11 23:24:22

I do, too.

Bingbangbong Sun 04-Sep-11 23:25:48

It's what we were brought up to do in the 70s, isn't it? I don't do it now though, I don't particularly like the taste anymore.

faverolles Sun 04-Sep-11 23:25:52

Rice krispies need sugar too.

inatrance Sun 04-Sep-11 23:25:56

Cornflakes without sugar is just wrong.

Not as wrong as weetabix without sugar though...

MindyMacready Sun 04-Sep-11 23:26:03

Nope, only when I was a nipper. I think there is more sugar in the flakes nowadays!

ivykaty44 Sun 04-Sep-11 23:28:26

Cornflakes already have sugar on them, this saves you the bother of having to sprinkle sugar on the flakes again and gives you more time in bed

PumpkinBones Sun 04-Sep-11 23:28:49

I put sugar on all unsweetened cereals. However I am evil in that I have not permitted my children to do the same. They don't know you can put sugar on cereal, and will happily eat weetabix without it <gags>

I have a LOT of fillings!

PumpkinBones Sun 04-Sep-11 23:29:20

ivykaty no, that's Frosties!

kerrymumbles Sun 04-Sep-11 23:30:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kayano Sun 04-Sep-11 23:30:40

Frosties anyone?

kerrymumbles Sun 04-Sep-11 23:32:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rubyrubyruby Sun 04-Sep-11 23:34:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PumpkinBones Sun 04-Sep-11 23:35:40

My DH doesn't have sugar on his cereal either, despite being dragged up in the 80's. He does have sugar in tea and coffee though, as do I, and lots of people think that is weird - in my last three jobs, I was the only person in the office who took sugar in drinks.

startail Sun 04-Sep-11 23:36:24

I dare not eat rice crispies, I put too much sugar on them!

kerrymumbles Sun 04-Sep-11 23:36:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BaronessBomburst Sun 04-Sep-11 23:40:06

I always preferred golden syrup. Not eaten cereal since I was a child though.

RollingInTheAisles Sun 04-Sep-11 23:44:11

Nearly all cereals already have added sugar, particularly rice krispies and definitely cornflakes. I think it's a 70's child thing too.

DontGoCurly Mon 05-Sep-11 00:22:06

I don't care for cereal but I gag when I see people putting sugar on it. It's like having dessert for breakfast !!!
Main meals should be SAVOURY !!
Sweet things can only be consumed as a dessert or snack !!

Cocoflower Mon 05-Sep-11 00:26:28

Im the opposite Dont

How anyone can eat a fry up... bleugh!

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