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to be furious!!!!!

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AlishasAttic Sun 04-Sep-11 20:25:21

hi all
Had people round for bbq in garden,dd wanted friend round to play with ,all was good for a couple of hours ,had food drink etc ,noticed said dd friend had pestered for toilet a few times,i asked why and she said ive got the runs!!!!!!
I dropped her at home straight away, i asked her why she didnt say she was ill before we started eating she said she didnt want to ruin it for my dd,i asked her if she washed her hands she said ill do it when i get home!
aibu to be livid as she has obv touched food/other children and i can just see dd getting ill before school on weds as she offered dd something off her plate,
arghhh sorry for the rant

Hassled Sun 04-Sep-11 20:26:45

Are you cross with the child or the mother? How old is the child? Reasonable to be blaming her?

whackamole Sun 04-Sep-11 20:27:28

YANBU to be furious if her mother knew she wasn't well.

If the girl had hidden it as she so wanted to come round for the BBQ, then you have a right to be annoyed, sure, but she is a child and they are not known for making rational decisions sometimes!

Hope your DD doesn't pick it up.

carpwidow Sun 04-Sep-11 20:29:55

How old is the child?

AlishasAttic Sun 04-Sep-11 20:33:09

hi the child was staying at nans at the time ,not sure if she knew she was unwell probably not tbh,dd and friend are 9

Talker2010 Sun 04-Sep-11 20:36:34

So who are you furious at ... a 9 yr old?

That is totally unreasonable ... do you really expect a 9 yr old to understand about the runs being a problem in this way

usualsuspect Sun 04-Sep-11 20:42:25

oh dear ,never mind

AlishasAttic Sun 04-Sep-11 20:48:00

im annoyed really because she didnt wash her hands ,and touched food and other people ,im a cleaning fanatic tbh and not hand washing is gross!

HeidiHole Sun 04-Sep-11 20:49:17

YAB totally U and hysterical

How on earth would a 9 year old put all those thoughts together about consequences like that?

Talker2010 Sun 04-Sep-11 20:49:19

I still would not be furious with a 9yr old

They do not really understand the ramifications

MadamDeathstare Sun 04-Sep-11 20:51:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

slavetofilofax Sun 04-Sep-11 20:51:56

It's understandable that you are worried, and that is coming out in anger, but it's just one of those things that happens with children sometimes. Try to forget about it until you know if it has had an effect or not. She might have been exaggerating about the runs, and it might not have been anything that could be passed on.

GypsyMoth Sun 04-Sep-11 20:52:54


You will all get ill, you know that don't you? She will have had her hands on everything! And everyone will be blaming you and your bad cleanliness and/or dodgy barbecue food!

Hulababy Sun 04-Sep-11 20:53:06

I have a 9y. Yes, if she sat and thought about it she'd probably know she should tell someone, not touch food, wash her hands, etc. At a party with her best mate, not wanting to miss out, excited, etc - yes, possible that she;'forgot all that.

Would I be livid with a 9y child over this? - no, I wouldn't. I would make sure the little girl got home and was feeling better as soon as possible. And I would up hygiene at home for a few days just to try and avoid my own DD catching anything. But if they did - well, it'd be a pain, but more likely just one of those things.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 04-Sep-11 20:53:23

Or, you could think, "poor little girl, she's sick". One or the other.

waitofevidence Sun 04-Sep-11 20:53:45

Yes, you are BU.

Anxious, no; worried, no; but furious, yes, especially towards a 9 yr old.

Talker2010 Sun 04-Sep-11 20:54:12

9 is old enough to know ... ... ... that when you are sick you stay clear of people

No it isn't

Mitmoo Sun 04-Sep-11 20:54:25

Don't have any more BBQ's someone might sneeze.

MadamDeathstare Sun 04-Sep-11 20:54:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadamDeathstare Sun 04-Sep-11 20:55:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Notchattingnow Sun 04-Sep-11 20:56:22

If it was an adult you would be being a little unreasonable.. these things develop all of a sudden after all
But to be livid at a 9 yr old is RIDICULOUSLY UNREASONABLE, and precious
Get a grip fgs your dd isn't even ill.
And no concern for the sick child !!!!

festi Sun 04-Sep-11 20:57:52


Talker2010 Sun 04-Sep-11 20:58:23

the DTDs knew that when they were 6.

Sure, but it is not what a 9 yr old thinks of when they have an upset tummy ... maybe if she had a rash or something I might expect her to think people might catch it

But I really do not think that the child in this situation should be expected to have a full understanding

festi Sun 04-Sep-11 20:58:25


MadamDeathstare Sun 04-Sep-11 20:59:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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