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to wonder who the bloody hell keeps P60s for donkey's years?

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Seepage Sat 03-Sep-11 16:17:28

Because I don't.

And what the bloody hell am I supposed to do now?

Fucking unreasonable bloody bastard Tax office dickheads.

cwtch4967 Sat 03-Sep-11 16:19:35

Well you should - it's an important document and almost impossible to get replacements.

purpleknittingmum Sat 03-Sep-11 16:19:53

I never used to until someone told me it would be a good idea too, I guess I have about 8 or 9 kept now, plus a boat load of payslips, need to get rid of some of them at some point

What is it you need it for?

LovelyCuppa Sat 03-Sep-11 16:20:50

I do. But no idea where they are. I lose dh's too.

nickelbabe Sat 03-Sep-11 16:20:51

i do!

You have to keep them for FIVE years anyway, so what difference does it make keeping hold of them longer than that?

Seepage Sat 03-Sep-11 16:22:38

where are you supposed to keep all this crap? There are boxes of bank statements and pay slips and bills and stuff. I haven't room for it all.

My FIL has kept every single, bank statement, payslip and P60 since he started his job. He's 52 in october, he started his job aged 16.

WhereYouLeftIt Sat 03-Sep-11 16:22:45

I have every P60 from when I started working 30+ years ago. Filed.

Seepage Sat 03-Sep-11 16:23:03

and if I cna't find the bugger what do i bloody do?

And I would keep my P60's if my work had even bothered to send them out this year hmm

Seepage Sat 03-Sep-11 16:24:01

Is that not a fire hazzard Spaghetti?

Hassled Sat 03-Sep-11 16:25:51

I have every P60 I've ever had. I have a special fondness for the ones I've issued to myself. I don't know where they are, but I know I have them.

Probably is really. But FIL literally never throws things away. Even broken useless things.

purpleknittingmum Sat 03-Sep-11 16:27:51

P45's are important to keep too, my OH a few years ago made a claim for a benefit, and was told he couldn't get it due to not enough contributions. He knew this was wrong. We found a P45 from a previous job, and it turned out it had the wrong national insurance number on it, 2 numbers the wrong way round, so all they had to do was look it up on the system, and put it into his 'account'

Takeresponsibility Sat 03-Sep-11 16:28:50

Me. It says on them to keep them because you will need them and cannot get replacements.

YABU not the tax office workers who have to take abuse from people who can't follow a simple instruction.

You state you have your pay slips, look at the March and April one for each of the relevant tax years and you should be able to work out what you need from those. Send copies of said payslips with a polite covering note to the tax office as evidence of whatever you are trying to prove.

cantpooinpeace Sat 03-Sep-11 16:30:01

Apparently April's wage slip will have the info they need. Just had to deal them myself they wanted p60s. When I rang my wages dept they said use April's slip - so I did & it was sorted surprisingly quickly smile

FerretMum Sat 03-Sep-11 16:30:06

I'd keep them at least six years as I seem to remember that is how far back you can claim for a rebate...,

Seepage Sat 03-Sep-11 16:31:32

Is it not their job to keep track though? Is that not part of what I pay tax for?

I Simply refuse to believe that I am unreasonable to not be able to find it.

Seepage Sat 03-Sep-11 16:32:40

It is bloody April 2009 that I can't bloody find.

Iggly Sat 03-Sep-11 16:36:52

You only get one a year hmm

Seepage Sat 03-Sep-11 16:41:03

i can't remember where, when or what I did last week let alone 2 years ago.

nickelbabe Sat 03-Sep-11 16:43:51

every year when it arrives, you should file it in a TAX BOX
then you'll never lose it.

what do yo udo with important paperwork that you lose it so easily? confused

Pinot Sat 03-Sep-11 16:45:25

It's only a tiny bit of paper. Once a year.

Seepage Sat 03-Sep-11 16:46:17

probably filed in in a heap in the kitchen (bfore a monthly sort through) which consequently got eaten by a cat or coffee spilled on it or burned in a fit of pyromania.

seriously - what the bloody hell do i do now?

caughtinanet Sat 03-Sep-11 16:47:24

Are you joking? Why can't you find room for one piece of paper per year? Even if you have 3 jobs we're hardly talking about a mountain of paperwork

You don't have to keep the individual payslips once you have the P60 as it summarises the year's info.

But hey ho, unreasonable old Inland Revenue expecting people to take responsibility for their own life.

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