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To want a freshly poured drink.

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ModreB Sat 03-Sep-11 16:03:21

Was in a shopping centre today, needed to get DS3 school shoes. Went for lunch in the food court, and ordered meals which came with a drink.

The drinks had all been lined up, ready poured or dispensed, and when the girl serving me picked one up and put it on my tray I said "I don't want one that has been stood, I would like a fresh one please."

The girl said "But they have just been poured" and I replied "No, I want a fresh one please, I don't know how long it has been stood there."

So, with much huffing and puffing and rolling of eyes she did eventually pour me a fresh one.

So, AIBU to want a fresh drink, bearing in mind when they are sat there the ice melts and they go flat, and wanting a fresh drink without all the attitude?

SouthernFriedTofu Sat 03-Sep-11 16:25:09

If the food court was busy enough to warrant her pouring htem a head of time it probably was freshly poured. So Yabu and she probably spit in it too

nickelbabe Sat 03-Sep-11 16:27:44


i used to work at burgerking, and we weren't allowed to pre-pour drinks.
if it was that busy, then someone would be standing at the drink station pouring drinks as and when required.

ModreB Sat 03-Sep-11 18:21:54

Southern no it wasn't busy. We didn't have to wait to be served at all.

And she didn't spit either, I watched her.

Talker2010 Sat 03-Sep-11 18:23:27

ModreB ... no but she gave you the pre-spat-in glass wink

Not unreasonable at all

MrsRhettButler Sat 03-Sep-11 18:23:34


SouthernFriedTofu Sat 03-Sep-11 18:28:01

If it wasn't busy YANBU,

mankymink Sat 03-Sep-11 18:28:18

Surely taking a few extra seconds just to pour a fresh drink in view of the customer (who can at least see that their drink is on it's way), is better than serving flat soft drinks? Would most people not just return them for a fresh one anyway?

PivotPivotPIVOT Sat 03-Sep-11 18:31:23

You are right OP - I would not want a drink which had been sat there for god knows how long.

grin at pre spat-in glass

Merrin Sat 03-Sep-11 18:58:15

YABU to go to a food court, this would never have happened at John Lewis grin

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