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to be a bit miffed with my ex h?

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AfterTheGoldRush Fri 02-Sep-11 20:27:16

My kids are not kids, late teens and early 20s. they havent seen their dad for about 6 years (he just stopped turning up to visit and then moved). No birthday cards christmas cards etc.

Kids arent really bothered...i have re married and they really like my new H.

BUT....i saw an old ex work colleague recently (ex H and i worked same place ) and this colleague sees ex h alot. Colleague and i were talking about our families and she said she knew DD1 was living in * city and had graduated etc etc etc. i asked how she knew all this and apparently EXH had told her recently...and she was under the impression from how he spoke he was in contact regularly and very active in their lives. it just made me a bit oooohhh..cross.

now i know you will all think "kids are grown up what she whinging on about" well DD2 has learning disabilities and life threatening medical problems and is very much a little girl....she loves her mummy and daddy (new p) and i thin k this man is a spineless tosser who should hold his head in shame.

ah well... i will wait for the "grow a pair" posts

magicmelons Fri 02-Sep-11 20:29:13

YANBU at all that would really piss me off too.

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