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for holding ds1 back

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gluttom Wed 31-Aug-11 10:14:25

Ds 1 will be 4 in dec and starts school in sept 12. He goes to a private day nursery 2 days week with ds2 (2.3) whilst i work. DD is due in 4 weeks and I will be on maternity leave for a year (didn't know this when it was time to apply for pre school at local schools - so I didn't) and the 2 boys will continue their 2 days at nursery. I am regretting not sending DS1 to a preschool for 5 mornings a week now as he might get bored at home and will have to come to playgroups with me ds2 and new baby and he is a bit old for these now - I get disapproving looks from some mums although they are for under 5s. I can take the 2 boys to soft play too etc but he is not learning. Will he be behind in reading and writing when he starts reception - there is a teacher at the nursery and they do some learning. To solve the bored at home/soft play issue I could try to put him in nursery for 4 mornings instead of 2 full days but I couldn't really mess with DS2 place on the 2 full days as will need it next year when I return to work and so this would mean dropping DS1and ds2 at nursery and picking ds1 up at lunch time and returning to get DS2 after teatime with a newborn in tow. Am so confused and in a panic about having all 3 at home 3 full days a week too What should I do?

CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 31-Aug-11 10:21:40

They don't start reading and writing in the nursery/pre-school classes IME. It's more about getting the children used to a school-like routine, being in a large group, choosing activities, listening to instructions etc. There will be many starting school on the same day that haven't been to nursery. As long as you prepare him for school yourself with things like encouraging him to use crayons, painting pictures, counting things, maybe recognising the letters of his name etc., he'll be fine.... he'd also be less bored, perhaps.

MorelliOrRanger Wed 31-Aug-11 10:26:20

Can't you speak to the preschool, they may be able to fit him in within the next 6 months. Try and see if they can do the days where he isn't at nursery. That will get him used to going to the school with his peers.

Our school expects the children to know their alphabet, count to 20 and write their own name by the time they start reception. Don't worry. smile

usingapseudonym Wed 31-Aug-11 10:37:58

I'd contact the local pre-schools and find out which ones you like, then of the ones you like ask if you can go on a waiting list. Certainly some near me take children in in January and April as well as in September.

On the other hand presumably nursery will be following the same type of things as a pre-school? Could he go there on the other mornings if you feel it would be helpful?

mummytime Wed 31-Aug-11 10:58:10

My kids highly academic school, doesn't expect kids to be able to know the alphabet (they should be doing phonics if anything) write their name, or count to 20 by reception!
Mrz will probably be here soon. But in my experience what schools want is kids who can: go to the toilet on their own, make a decision (eg. for lunch), recognise their name, work with others, share, sit briefly (5 min), be independent. We have few nursery classes here, and lots go to private day nurseries before school. However there is also often places available at local pre-schools too.
The nursery should be working to the EYFS anyhow, so I'd also talk to them.

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Wed 31-Aug-11 11:14:59

I'd asked at the school for the extra mornings a week, places often come up during the year. My oldest was never bored coming to playgroups with me and the youngest, I think they make of it what they can. If the playgoups you go to are particularly young maybe look for one which puts out puzzles and things. If people are giving you dirty looks then they are idiots!

Don't worry about him being behind, he won't at all.

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