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To think my vtech roll and wiggle caterpillar is voiced by joe pasquale?

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washingonawednesday Sat 27-Aug-11 17:17:49

Well am I? It certainly sounds like it! Does this mean my child will have an affection for the pint sized comic when he is older?

In which case can I please request a tim minchin voiced teddy that sings (clean) satirical songs?

Or a walker that regales me with stand up acts from the edinburg fringe to keep me (and him) entertained? It could come with an iPod doc so I can upload podcasts!

My creative genius is wasted at home...

VeronicaCake Sat 27-Aug-11 19:06:42

YANBU. DH sometimes tries to seduce me by imitating the voice of our VTech bathtime turtle 'Come and play in my bathroom with our friends splash around'. It is not an effective approach.

vogonmothership Sat 27-Aug-11 19:10:01

that makes me want to buy a caterpillar, I love JP! <completely unashamed emoticon>

Out Bob Builder phone is Justin. Drives me up the wall.

washingonawednesday Sun 28-Aug-11 18:22:10

I think more stand up comics shouldattend to this untapped Market!

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