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In wondering who exactly is breaking into my house at night

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BumWiper Sat 27-Aug-11 14:19:55

and stealing socks from my drier.I have two bags for life full of odd socks.

On a lighter note I can see the bottom of my wash basket.It is empty except for a pink belt.

worraliberty Sat 27-Aug-11 14:22:55

That'll be the one legged sock stealer...he visits this house fairly regularly too!

BumWiper Sat 27-Aug-11 14:24:28

Well he seems to have a penchant for lacy hold-ups too.

HoneyPablo Sat 27-Aug-11 14:27:05

I had loads of odd socks, until I discovered that I actually had 2 sock piles, one of which had been hidden under some other essential stuff in the bedroom. I could then happily reunite each odd sock with it's partner. Oh the joy I felt!

ClaimedByMe Sat 27-Aug-11 14:29:33

I had just a belt left in mine too, it belongs to ds who never wears them, i chucked it in the bin so the basket is empty!!!

BumWiper Sat 27-Aug-11 14:30:12

Honey that would be a dream come through.
I suspect James (the cat with one ear,no balls and extremely bad tempered) has something to do with it.His spot is under the drier.

booyhoo Sat 27-Aug-11 14:35:06

is it very odd that i get a tiny little bit excited when i find an odd sock in the machine? because it either means i have found the 'lost' sock of a pair (and i get to match them up) or it means i have a new singelton of which to find the mate for. my favourite chore is sitting matching up all the odd socks.

there probably should be, but there is zero sarcasm in this post blush

Tigerstripes Sat 27-Aug-11 14:44:21

Ha ha, I love finding the mates to socks as well. Was hoping I could have a bonanza matching session when moved house when all the lost socks would be revealed but only found one! Was very upsetting.

booyhoo Sat 27-Aug-11 14:50:36

same here!! i moved in julyand thought iwould come across loads of missing socks but i found one pair under the sofa and one lonely one that i have no match for because the dog ate it about 3 months ago grin

fiveisanawfullybignumber Sat 27-Aug-11 14:53:32

Tis the sock fairy! She is a frequent visitor here too, a busy little fairy.wink

HeidiKat Sat 27-Aug-11 16:35:03

Does the sock fairy also take gloves or is that a separate fairy? I was washing DD's winter stuff the other day (how depressing is that, that I have to think about getting the warm clothes out again already) and one of her mittens has disappeared in the machine, can't find it anywhere.

Dawnybabe Sat 27-Aug-11 16:38:50

It's not the sock fairy, it's the Eater of Socks from Unseen University. grin

WuzzAndBuddy Sat 27-Aug-11 16:44:57

When I get a laundry room when I'm a grownup, I'm going to have a wall like this and check it every time I take clothes out of the dryer and squeal each time I find a match... one day....

<dreams of laundry room and reuniting socks...>

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