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AIBU thinkin it shouldnt take 2 hours for a curry to come

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cheesespread Fri 26-Aug-11 21:13:12

been waiting 2 hours now for our curry to turn up,rang twice and apparently its on its way, im bliddy starving !!!!!!!!!!!!!

FourEyesGood Fri 26-Aug-11 21:17:14

If they didn't tell you it would take that long when you ordered it, then they're taking the piss. They probably forgot about you.

Happymm Fri 26-Aug-11 21:18:22

Why is it, that whoever you phone, it is "always on it's way"

Fuckers, if you weren't so hungry you could serve them right and cancel grin

TrillianAstra Fri 26-Aug-11 21:20:38

Use a different one next time, they'll have an estimate of how long it will take.

Phone them again and say that it has been "on its way" for over an hour and you live less than an hour away. They should instruct the driver to give it to you without pay or you will never use them again and will tell all of your neighbours to do the same.

chipmonkey Fri 26-Aug-11 21:20:47

I remember a new Indian takeaway opening up in our village.
I rang and ordered Lamb Pasanda.
An hour later, no food. I phoned again. They explained that their chef had not turned up and they were waiting for another chef!
3 hours after placing the order, we got our food but it wasn't Lamb Pasanda, it was Chicken Rogan Josh or similar!
By then I was quite drunk as dh and I had finished off the bottle of wine that was supposed to go with the food.

cheesespread Fri 26-Aug-11 21:22:18

well thats what im doing now drinkin ! lol its still not here

rhondajean Fri 26-Aug-11 21:22:51

I love Dominos as you can order online and watch whats happening on screen - being made, checked, loaded in car etc.

Not much help if you want curry though.

cyb Fri 26-Aug-11 21:25:10

I woudlnt pay full price if it took that long

Ring back and ask for a reduction in bill

saladsandwich Fri 26-Aug-11 21:31:01

id order from somewhere else and turn them away stuff them!

ClaimedByMe Fri 26-Aug-11 21:32:20

Ijust waited 1 hr 20 mins for my curry to come and it was the wrong one, i was soooo looking forward to it and the one they sent was a bloody korma [boak] i cant stand coconut!

It was ordered through just eat!

crazycatlady Fri 26-Aug-11 21:34:46

That is appalling.

We arrived home at 8pm, wandered 2 minutes up the road to local Indian, ordered and were back on our sofa eating by 8.22pm. Now stuffed full of samosa, shashlik and peshwari naan.

You must be bloody starving. Take away angst is a killer.

Andrewofgg Fri 26-Aug-11 21:37:11

crazycatlady you are making me hungry and DW and I have not long finished a lovely dinner only it wasn't curry, it wasn't curry, it wasn't curry . . .

cheesespread Fri 26-Aug-11 21:54:41

they have been lying to us keep sayin its in the car on its way,were gettin it for fee now tho as they apparently forgot about ours ! total piss take

crazycatlady Fri 26-Aug-11 22:04:23

It's alright. I am majorly in need of chocolate and there is NONE in the house. So I'm still not satisfied even after a huge cuzza grin

amistillsexy Fri 26-Aug-11 22:07:54

I'm in bed and now I want a curry! NOT FAIR, cheesespread !


Going to make ask DP to order me a curry.

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