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Right. AIBU to dispose of DD's out-of-date medication in this way?

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YABACC Fri 26-Aug-11 20:21:41

It is / was live blood cells, life-saving but now useless for DD, due to the date.

It is meant to be given as an infusion so there is kit with it which can be easily stamped on destroyed.

But my clematis is looking very poorly despite all the rain.

Should I make the 40-mile each-way trip to take the stuff back to the hospital as the pharmacist decreed, or potentially grow a blood-eating plant à la Little Shop of Horrors?

Schnullerbacke Fri 26-Aug-11 20:31:05

What a waste! It could have made a vampire's day. So, UABVU, VU!

YABACC Fri 26-Aug-11 20:42:46

Oh, good point! I could use it to lure sparkly and gorgeous men who dress impeccably and wear make-up rather than wasting the blood on mere plants.

I don't know what I would do with said men other than direct them to Brighton but perhaps someone on MN could make use of them.

Andrewofgg Fri 26-Aug-11 20:49:18

Buy a Venus fly-trap and feed it till it turns into a triffid.

jenniec79 Fri 26-Aug-11 20:50:48

You should be able to drop it in to ANY pharmacy if just for disposal. Same for any out of date meds

Andrewofgg Fri 26-Aug-11 20:52:04

jenniec79 you're being boring

YABACC Fri 26-Aug-11 20:55:30

Thank you for your practical advice, Jenny. I may insist they rid me of it in the future but it is too good an opportunity to waste and I am very drunk tonight.


Vampires or triffids? I have a sunflower outside. I wonder if the blood-products would work on that?

Schnullerbacke Fri 26-Aug-11 21:04:13

Oh, you might get those reddish coloured sunflowers then. Now that I think of it, you could have done so much with it. An art painting, setting up for a mosquito nursery, made haggis, mix with honey and put on your hair as mask - because you're worth it.

ReindeerBollocks Fri 26-Aug-11 21:06:51

Triffids definitely, once you give them your out of date meds I could give you my out of date Scandi shake, to help them grow into decent sized triffids.

shouldbeelswhere Fri 26-Aug-11 21:07:13

Years ago a charge nurse I knew used to take out of date blood home to feed his roses! apparently they did very well.

YABACC Fri 26-Aug-11 21:13:39

Clemati Triffids it is then!

"An art painting, setting up for a mosquito nursery, made haggis, mix with honey and put on your hair as mask - because you're worth it"

Schnullerbacke I would fucking well love to go out / stay in drinking with you grin

YABACC Fri 26-Aug-11 21:54:23

yy, I will take photographs of the blood-craving plant when it has been fed the live cells.

It will become part of my Zombie Plan since I don't have Xenia's funds to buy myself a remote island (amazing how far ahead of the rest of us in that respect she is)

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