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AIBU to find this pregnancy photo shoot bumf irritating?

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HardCheese Wed 24-Aug-11 13:36:37

I just came across this photographer, who specialises in photographing pregnant women, touting for business on an expat website I used to be on. Fair enough, it's how she makes a living - and I'm sure there are women who like the idea of posing for photographs covered in Bio-Oil with their OH caressing the bump like it's the Holy Grail - but something about the bossy little instructions about exactly how to present yourself, bra-less, oiled up, and manicured, and about to be stuck into some kind of Appropriate Pregnant Earth Mother Boob Tube Uniform like a pregnant Borg army, really got on my tits. Would the world end if you hadn't timed it right, and you just looked a bit fat, rather than with a nice, identifiably pregnant, 'bump'?

Actually, I don't think I am being in the least unreasonable to find this irritating, but would be interested to see whether other people also rolled their eyes, or whether you think this all sounds lovely, and I am a sourpuss, because I have just thrown up my healthy breakfast and am craving a Mr Kipling's Iced Fancy.

*I can give you some tips for the shoot. You want your bump to look like a bump not just a big tummy , so wait until you are really big, this varies for different people, my bump was huge early on and I did my own shoot (with the aid of a timer) at 32 weeks, for other people its better days before you are due, 36 weeks is probably a good time on average.

Ideally you want to show a lot of skin, clothes tend to stand out in photos, so keep it very simple, don't worry about things like stretch marks, pretty much any photographer will give your skin a bit of a photoshop "glow" afterwards . I usually dress my mums in a white boobtube (if you wear a flesh-toned strapless bra underneath your boobs will look better ) pulled up to show the bump and wrap a white sarong under the bump or a pair of jeans unbuttoned. Try to arrive braless especially if you will be doing topless shots as otherwise you tend to have strap mark indents in your skin. I like to rub a very small amount of bio oil over the arms, body and bump, but keep your face matte.

as with any studio or flash photography make sure you don't have sunscreen on your face (even in foundation) as it will give you a ghostly glow when it bounces back the light. I personally think it is better to keep makeup looking natural, so stick to lipgloss etc and avoid bright lipstick unless you never leave the house without it.

Also consider a manicure (with no polish or clear polish, unless gain, bright nails are your signature), you are likely to pose in lots of hands on bump shots, so its nice to keep them tidy.

I really recommend the bump shots, but if you can manage, also get your husband in them too, I think the Daddy and the bump shots are really special, and if you already have a child, likewise, get them looking at and touching the bump. Also some photographers do a package, with bump and newborn shots, I love photographing a week old baby, they are just magic and they stay tiny for such a short time!*

mumblejumble Wed 24-Aug-11 13:40:39


Malificence Wed 24-Aug-11 13:42:36

Pregnant Borg army grin
Does all sound a bit vom inducing tbh and god forbid you should see any stretch marks! I'd like to have seen them try to photoshop my humungous stretch marks out, there would have been nothing left.

minipie Wed 24-Aug-11 13:42:41

Hmm I think YAB a bit U.

I agree that there is no "right way" to look as a pg woman. However, presumably customers will choose to go to her for photos if they have seen photos of other women she has taken, and they like that overall "look"? So she is telling them how to achieve that "look". Not one I'd go for myself, but some people like that kind of thing...

going Wed 24-Aug-11 13:46:23

Sounds exactley like a shoot one of my friends had in HK. Just had a look at her photos can see all the tips!

Mitmoo Wed 24-Aug-11 13:46:46

Does he do one "for baby's first appearance and has he any preferences for the baby coming out of kipper" shot? grin

Perhaps if Mummy could manage a smile instead of gritting her teeth in full grunt face and manage to appear as if to perspire rather than sweat during contractions.

I'd love to see where the camera ended up if he tried any of the above.

It seems tacky to me, just a bit too much "Hello Magazine" for my taste.

MrsCarriePooter Wed 24-Aug-11 13:47:04

I think it's a classic case of "if you don't like it, stop reading" and on that basis YAB a bit U. I don't go for that kind of photo myself but if you want that kind of photo then it's very matter of fact about how to achieve it. We had photos taken of the children recently and the photographer gave us fairly precise wardrobe instructions - it didn't irritate me, it was her sharing her knowledge of how to get the best out of the photos (and they were great).

smoggii Wed 24-Aug-11 13:47:11

I hate those photos but i think i'm just jealous because I never looked nicely pregnant just a bit more tubby than prepregnancy!

Bananamash Wed 24-Aug-11 13:53:09

I had some of those type of photos done when 38.5 weeks pg with DC2. grin

I love them. I had no photos of pg with dc1 so really wanted something to look back on.

My best friend's husband is a photographer and did them for me.

But if we all like them same things life would be boring!

Icelollycraving Wed 24-Aug-11 13:58:26

She is just advising on how to get the best result. If you don't want the photo shoot then does it matter? Yabu!

scrambedeggs Wed 24-Aug-11 14:03:07

i think bump photos and those horrible newborn posed photos are absolutely dreadful - very chavvy grin

HardCheese Wed 24-Aug-11 14:10:13

Honestly, Bananamash and others - no intention to denigrate those who've had such photoshoots done. Each to their own etc.

It was mostly the prescriptive tone of this bumf that annoyed me, and the faintly porny braless-oiled-and-Photoshopped instructions. I should say there's a context to my annoyance too - this is a Dubai-based photographer, and during the time I lived there, I probably just saw too many of these photos, complete with sarong, correct-sized bump complete with prominently-displayed manicure and doctored 'glow', blown up to poster-size and displayed over mantelpieces at a hundred Expat Coffee Mornings.

Hence the Pregnant Borg Army impression - if I'd only ever encountered one or two, it would be different.

Sandalwood Wed 24-Aug-11 14:14:13

Maybe she's dealt with unhappy customers with strap marks/shiny skin/bad nails etc in the past.

Rowena8482 Wed 24-Aug-11 14:38:51

I would have needed a tube for each boob by that stage of pregnancy and all the rest of the time if I'm honest and as for strapless bra... words fail me! She's obviously never met anyone who cried the day they discovered Bravissimo!

Squitten Wed 24-Aug-11 14:46:47

Not something I would do but then I'm envious of anyone who enjoys pregnancy and feels good enough to have pictures done while they're at it. I consider pregnancy a necessary evil and generally feel like a hippo with a headache for 99% of it...

swingingcat Wed 24-Aug-11 15:00:58

Yet another "if the celebrity can do it so can I" school of thought?

I had no baby bump at all, when we turned up at the labor suite the midwife on first glance asked if I was pregnant! to which husband produced my pregnancy notes whilst saying yes she is here's the proof??

TheBigJessie Wed 24-Aug-11 15:03:26

I've seen that type of picture and something about them really gets on my nerves. So based on that purely, I'm going to deem you as reasonable.

OTheHugeRaveningWolef Wed 24-Aug-11 15:14:27

Does she have tips for looking your best at a '10cm dilated and screaming your fucking head off' photoshoot? hmm

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