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To Think Lacey Knickers for a Three Year Old are a Bit Well, ICK?

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Doitnicelyplease Wed 24-Aug-11 02:39:26

My MIL sent my almost 3 year old DD a bunch of stuff from M&S including three pairs of lacey knickers. I may be being unreasonable but there is something I find a bit off about them.

To describe them they are pink/white with a lacey trim (proper lace not just the usual trimming stuff) along the top, they are also covered in tiny sparkly bits. Am I alone in thinking this is very OTT for a three year old to wear, when she bends over or climbs stuff you can sometimes see the top of her pants, not sure I would want her to go around with lacey pants showing.

I cant see them on the website any more but similar stuff is in the autograph range.


Would you put lacey knickers on a three year old?

Birdsgottafly Wed 24-Aug-11 02:48:42

TBH i would pick a three year olds underwear based on price and washability. I wouldn't think to worry about someone seeing the lace when she is playing, although i understand your point about it not being needed.

Thumbwitch Wed 24-Aug-11 02:52:14

If it's just lace trim then I think it's not such an issue - I was imagining full lace ones from your thread title!

After all, in the olden days, they used to have lace-covered nappy pants, so it's only a continuation from those - so bearing that in mind, YABabitU.

I wouldn't use anything other than plain cotton myself, but that's mostly because I have irritation ishoos with lace and any DD of mine would likely have similar. (I don't have one, btw).

It's the sort of thing my very girly sister would put her DDs in though.

Doitnicelyplease Wed 24-Aug-11 02:57:51

Thanks for your replies. I am probably over thinking it.

I just think there are so many styles for kids which are fun and 'cute', these just veer a bit too much towards grown-up and 'sexy'.

They look like miniature adult knickers to me, which is plain weird.

Morloth Wed 24-Aug-11 04:02:36

I tend to think of lace as a little girl's or granny thing. So lacey knickers on a 3 year old sounds fine, but a bit weird on a 30 year old.

OpinionatedMum Wed 24-Aug-11 09:32:37

Lace trim is ok, 100% see through lace then no.

squeakytoy Wed 24-Aug-11 09:35:34

so long as they a full knickers, and not a thong, then I really wouldnt see any problem with them.

Firawla Wed 24-Aug-11 09:39:14

sounds okay? 3 year olds will probably like them with being covered in sparkly stuff etc?

LadyFlumpalot Wed 24-Aug-11 09:50:29

Crikes, I thought you meant full on frenchies from the title. Those would be a bit ick for a three year old!

Jacksterbear Wed 24-Aug-11 09:52:32

I agree with Morloth.

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