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To think technology is now a right.......

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nokissymum Mon 22-Aug-11 13:51:08

to invasion of privacy ?
Lets start with phones. In the past is a person rang you were either there or not. We improved on it and so we had answering facilities, caller rings, no one answers they leave a message. Great!

Mobile phones arrived, caller rings landline no ans, now rings mobile, mobile not answered caller starts getting irritated, surely you must hear your phone ringing angry.....

Answering facilities now included, plus call waiting, you've now got no reason at all not to be reached day and night, only i am now starting to feel hunted down and my privacy in grave danger of being completely eroded as im actually at the doctor's.

Friend demands to know why i didnt answer phone, "i didnt hear it and i was at doctor's,
Friend "didnt you see my missed call ?
Me " No cos ive been busy"
Friend "what if its an emergency ?" anyway whats up with doctors ?
Me "beginning to feel really irritated now, well what was it?
Friend "could you babysit for me ?"
Me "i suppose so but i need to get somewhere else first which means i wont be back till about 5pm
Friend " well call me when you get on the train, so i know .........and on and on and on.

Dmil too calls at 11pm

Mil why didnt you answer your phone ?
Me "well i was in bed, its late!
Mil "dont you put your mobile by your bedside ? "what if there's an emergency ?"

summertimeblews Mon 22-Aug-11 13:53:34

we didnt have emergencies back in the day

they were invented as an accessory for mobile phones


joruth Mon 22-Aug-11 13:56:30

i'm with you....I actually choose campsites that are in mobile phone this going too far?? Feeling really smug that my mobile does not work at home either smile . Luddites unite!

nokissymum Mon 22-Aug-11 14:24:31

Yes all these blinking "emergencies" not one of them as been an emergency as far as im concerned, usually they are things/services the caller wants you to do for them.
I could go on

Dsil calls, but line is engaged, later on..
Sil "your line's been engaged" she says accusingly.
Me "yes i was talking to dh who is abroad
Sil " surely you must have know you "a call waiting".... Why didnt you switch she demands!
Me how do i tell her at this point that its because id rather be talking to dh than you without offending.
Why do people just not see that they are now invading your privacy, its my right to use my phone as i please, no?

nokissymum Mon 22-Aug-11 14:25:26

Sorry about typos!

DoMeDon Mon 22-Aug-11 14:43:39

Think I'm more suprised by an adult justifying themselves to a barrage of questions. No means no OP. I wouldn't even answer those questions - you are allowing your privacy to be invaded.

HattiFattner Mon 22-Aug-11 14:53:39

i tell people: "My phone is for MY convenience, not yours."

nokissymum Mon 22-Aug-11 15:26:11

domedon its not because i cant think of a sharp reply but sometimes you have to apply wisdom, and when your mil or sil is being akward about you not answering their call, that is not the time to snap back "No means no" or "my phone my convienience"!

My approach has been to just ignore these type of calls, speak to who i want when i want, ive told them i go to bed at 9pm, so when the phone rings after this time i simply dont answer it, gradually they have got the idea! They now know if the line is engaged they should ring back later and not expect calls to be switched, and if friends call at akward times, i cut the dialogue and ask brusquely "yes, why were you ringing ?" smile

But its still annoying that people just cant use technology wisely in a non overly invasive manner.

LolaRennt Mon 22-Aug-11 15:52:25

Can I add people wanting to know why you haven't responded to your fb messagess when they know you've been on..

alphabettyspagghetti Mon 22-Aug-11 16:04:12

lol..I've fallen out with a few people because I didnt answer my calls or messages the second they were sent to me.

Dont even get me started on FB.

These particular people just cant seem to get it in their head that I will answer my messages and calls when I am ready (if it is not urgent).

What really pisses me off is when you call someone, they dont answer, but then send you a text asking why you are calling.

WTF? Do people not talk anymore? Only via pixles?

LolaRennt Mon 22-Aug-11 16:11:09

Also if someoen sends you a text that says, "lol what you up to?" does it really deserve warrant an answer?

We're alowed to be so lazy nowadays with communication but still expect a genuine answer

nokissymum Mon 22-Aug-11 17:39:07

lola re "lol what you up to" how about i'm in the toilet right now! Care to join me hmm

alphabettyspagghetti Mon 22-Aug-11 21:08:34

"Having a wank" is usually a great response to those texts.

gaaagh Mon 22-Aug-11 21:15:02

I honestly think it's a great indicator of how unbusy they are (relatively, to the person they're harassing).

I have this from a couple of friends, and a few relatives too. They seem to think that because they are able to call, text etc people back at various points of the day that it's an affront for anyone else not to be able to, or choose to, do the same to them.

Im liking HattiFattner's response "My phone is for MY convenience, not yours." - i'll steal that!

I also find that mobile phones have made people lazy. For example this is a regular occurance with a friend of mine, who i onlyget to see every few months so time is truly precious with:

Me: Ok so I'll meet you on the 15th at the station. what time will you be arriving?
Friend: It's the 3pm bus but i'll meet you at the [local shopping center] in case it's raining.
Me: OK which shop?
Friend: Oh, I don't know. I'll call you when I'm at it.

I mean - ARGH! I already know she'll be arriving at 3pm, I already know it only takes 5 minutes to walk to the centre, why not just tell me which shop she'll be standing outside?!!!! That wya I can just head straight there, instead of having to make a phonecall in a noisy, busy shopping center which has terrible reception at the best of times! ... only for her to tell me which shop she's standing in front of.

Does anyone find this - that mobiles have made people unable to stick to a firm plan of "be there on X date, at Y time, at Z location"? I mean, it's not hard is it?!

ProcrastinatorGeneral Mon 22-Aug-11 22:48:30

alphabetty I rarely actually talk on my phone because I have 'ishoos'. I text a lot though. It's an easier way for me to communicate and maintain sanity. Suspect I'm in a minority though.

Like a few others on here my phone is there for me, not others. Family and most (barring one, who still calls practically daily according to my call log) friends know not to ring but to text. I'll answer calls from school and one or two other people, but only because they would not phone unless it was urgent. It sounds quite pathetic, and it's on my list of stuff to deal with in my CBT sessions. I quite miss the era of the pagersad

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