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I need help re noisy neighbours

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MrsVidic Mon 22-Aug-11 13:09:44

Well, I know IABU but I need advice on how to sort the situation out as I am at breaking point.

Disclaimer I have a 15 day old dd2 and a 2 year old dd1.

The neighbours next door are so loud! Initially when we moved in it was just a couple in their 50's- lovely couple, helpful etc. Their daughter then moved in with her 2 DS's- she's lovely- we used to chat a lot and still pass the time of day- do xmas cards etc.

I have no problem with them and I know its a situational thing. Her DC's are 2 and 5 and are very loud and tantrum lots. they spend the majority of the time outside in their garden (infact I am sure they must send the kids outside to have a tantrum). Our houses are semi detatched and we can hear everything! Also the parents shout more and louder than the kids- telling them off etc. They also look after at least 2 extra children in school holidays.

Her kids dont go to bed until 830pm- my dd goes at 6.30 and its really hard to get her to go down when she can hear them screaming next door. Also it makes putting her down for a nap really hard as they are so loud! They also move furniture early in the mornings when her dp stays over (5am) - you can hear this clearly from dd's room. Their house only has 3 bedrooms (1 used for a study) so they sleep in the lounge when he is over. This wakes my dd up - as this noise goes on for 5 mins by which time she is awake and demanding breakfast!

When I was preg I would just avoid being in the house on sunny days- take dd for walks to get her to nap etc but now dd2 s here I just want to ghet into a routine and sleep when dd1 naps- but the noise is preventing this.

I dont want to ask them to keep it down as I cant think of a reasonable way to put it- as they have every right to let the kids play outside in the sun but I need some rest- an over tired toddler is hell with a new born!!

I am not miserable honest- TIA

Shutupanddrive Mon 22-Aug-11 13:17:35

Oh poor you, sounds awful. Not sure there is much you can do about it though to be honest, but at least there are only a couple of weeks till they go back to school. Hopefully the extra children won't be there, and the 5yr old might go to bed a bit earlier as he will be in school?

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