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To wish my washing machine would spin?!

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Fuzzled Mon 22-Aug-11 09:06:07

One pair of trousers. One pair.

Will it spin? Will it heck! angry And all because my DH forgot to put his trousers in the basket last night, I was being superorganised and had the washing in and on before he noticed this morning (normally I dont put the washing on until he's left for work for just this reason) and he needs them tomorrow. (And yes, I would be within my rights to tell him to do it himself, but I don't mind doing it).

So AIBU to expect the machine to do the job it's supposed to do? (and before anyone says, yes it is level etc, it's just never coped well with small loads since we got it sad )

dexter73 Mon 22-Aug-11 09:35:41

Could you put a towel in with the trousers to add a bit of weight?

Muckyhighchair Mon 22-Aug-11 09:55:50

Mine does this a lot,

What happens with mine is the ca el comes lose at the back, it connects the prower for the drum, you have to take the back off though, and it's sits pretty much at the bottom in the middle.

Cost me 70 the first time it did it, cheeky plumber. I just plug it back in and it's fine.

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