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I don't know if I am.

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Cathycomehome Mon 22-Aug-11 02:27:16

I deregistered from the site but am back (mostly as a lurker from now on, I've learnt a lesson) but it's late and I don't know where else I could get answers.

I have two cats. One of them has been horrifically injured; the vet thinks he has been caught in a trap/snare.

He came in last night with his left front leg literally (sorry if you're sqeamish) hanging on by threads. My son heard his cries, found him in the kitchen and screamed (leg VERY alarming looking;it wasn't his fault). Cat went off and we couldn't find him despite extensive searches of garden.

This morning came back howling and crying. Leg obviously very seriously damaged indeed. AWFUL. We got him to out of hours vet this morning. The vet said it was the worst non fatal injury he'd ever seen. The cat has now had the leg amputated and is touch and go for survival - I have to ring up tomorrow at 8.30 for an update on condition. He also has secondary wounds on his chest which the vet thinks were caused by an animal attacking him whilst he was trapped.

I know two local farmers who are pretty open about setting traps. They say they have signs up so they're legal.

Are they? Because I want to report them to the RSPCA. The heart rending cries from my cat and his shock and trauma were horrible until the vet sedated him after a 35 minute car drive to vet this morning, not to mention putting the poor bastard in the box to go to vets.

Sorry so long.

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 22-Aug-11 02:35:46

This is utterly heartbreaking. I'm so sorry for your cat and your son. YANBU. I would talk to the RSPCA. It will make you feel like you did something about it and you will wonder otherwise.

I really hope your cat recovers.

Cathycomehome Mon 22-Aug-11 02:40:30

Thanks so much for replying - my son felt so bad that he scared him off, and sobbed - but honestly the wounds were horrific! I can't sleep as the vet said he is cautiously positive but the first 24 hours are going to be crucial - he has lost so much blood. Vet bill so far - £485!! But they are going to let us pay in installments. Vet said that he seems to be a "fighter" - when he operated he said that he hadn't realised how bad it was on first exam (so much blood obscuring wounds).

Wossisface Mon 22-Aug-11 02:44:35

Omgosh. How awful. Kept thinking how I would feel if my cat had come in like that. It really must have been heart wrenching.

I know nothing about traps. I can imagine there are pests out there to farmers that can destroy there farm animals/crops. But surely there must be more humane ways other than traps, that your cat has become victim to.

Yanbu to ask RSPCA for advice about this. I hope your cat makes a full recovery. Please come back to post to let us know how he is doing.

Cathycomehome Mon 22-Aug-11 02:48:13

Honestly - I can't stop "seeing" him staggering in with his leg hanging off - my partner was so brave - me and son were crying as he carefully lifted him into the box and got covered in blood. It was awful, truly. Vet did say that he probably couldn't feel that much as so many nerve endings were severed, but his cries were awful.

slightlymad72 Mon 22-Aug-11 02:53:02

So sorry to hear about your cat, I hope he makes a full recovery.

I have just had a quick google and have found this [[ it appears to be full information on laws surrounding traps and snares, I haven't read it all so I don't know if it will help, but it appears to be informative.

slightlymad72 Mon 22-Aug-11 02:53:34


should work this time

Cathycomehome Mon 22-Aug-11 02:54:09

I know it's daft to be so "silly" about a cat, but I just want him to pull through and be a three legged hero.

Cathycomehome Mon 22-Aug-11 02:54:57

Thank you for advice, sorry, I missed that post.

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 22-Aug-11 03:01:29

Your DP sounds great. You might also want to get a bit of advice (do you know any Social Workers or counsellors?) if your son has repeated nightmares or seems to be too affected.

Cathycomehome Mon 22-Aug-11 03:13:03

Thank you - partner was great - the gentle voice of reason in a horrible situation - we have both reassured our son that it wasn't his fault that puss went off when he screamed. I think if you're ten it's hard NOT to scream when a crying cat gets in with its leg hanging off! Just have to hope pud is strong enough to get through the surgery. TBH, I FELT like screaming when I saw it! I know worse things happen, and it's only a cat, but it's OUR cat and OUR friend, and it's horrible to see that kind of pain.

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Mon 22-Aug-11 03:36:04

Your furry feline is NOT 'only a cat' - he's an integral part of your family and I share your pain and sorrow at what's happened to him.

With luck and the good care that he's received and is receiving, he'll pull through and it is remarkable how our four legged friends can speedily adapt to being tripods.

Is your vet able to give any advice as to the likely type of snare/trap that caused such severe injuries to your pud's leg?

Please report this matter to your local RSPCA and also report it to the police - this time it was your beloved pet; next time it could be a child/adult but, in any event, no other creature should be allowed to suffer in the way your poor pud has.

<<sending healing energy to your furry friend and comfort to your ds>>

argghh Mon 22-Aug-11 03:47:42

How horrific, what a terrible experience. I hope your cat is ok.

Pegasi Mon 22-Aug-11 04:10:45

This is awful. Your cat is of course part of your family and no animal deserves to be injured like that. I used to live on two farms and the only traps we used were humane ones for rats and mice in our stables feed rooms.
I would definitely speak to the police. I hope the vet took some photos of the injury and would be willing to write a report on the injury then inform the RSPCA and another idea is your local press. Involving the press in this may just shame whoever is responsible to either come forward or remove their traps at least!
I will pray for your cat and your son. I hope he is able to recover from the shock and you all get your family member back soon. Most three legged cats cope brilliantly once their strength returns.

Wabbit Mon 22-Aug-11 04:10:57

Gosh, poor Pusscat and poor you and DS - how traumatic for you all, and how clear headed your DP was.

MN isn't so awful is it Cathycomehome? - we're not all gnashing our teeth and playing for a fight wink I've been here for years and years and have had some fantastic support on here... keep lurking, don't de-register, no-one else has any more right than you to be here smile

Thumbwitch Mon 22-Aug-11 04:19:10

Oh I am so sorry that you and your family have had to go through that! Poor cat, how shocking - I thought those running wire traps had been banned, but maybe not.

I would definitely phone the RSPCA for advice in the first place - if they say that the traps are illegal regardless of signs (and let's face it, cats can't read so a sign isn't much use to them!) then you could report your suspicions to the RSPCA who will decide whether or not to investigate.

Unfortunately, unless one of the traps has your cat's fur in it, it is doubtful that you could prove it was one of their traps, otherwise I'd suggest demanding the vet fees off them.

I would also contact the Press - mainly as a Shock piece to warn other pet owners of the risk to their own pets - and hope that it also has some beneficial effect.

I hope your cat makes it through and recovers from the shock, and give your poor DS a huge hug when he wakes up. sad

notevenamousie Mon 22-Aug-11 04:45:32

As thumbwitch says, you can ask them. I'd not be feeling calm and responsible though, so maybe if you are the same might be better to wait. Your son sounds great and you have dealt with him really well - of course we as humans are shocked, but of course the cat didn't understand - a good lesson to learn at his age. I hope your cat pulls through and even more I hope your son starts to feel settled.

Wossisface Mon 22-Aug-11 08:29:43

Have u heard from the vet. How is your cat? Cannot stop thinking about it. Poor little thing and cannot stop thinking about you, your partner and your son. I hope the RSPCA are helpful.

Shutupanddrive Mon 22-Aug-11 08:37:15

Oh no poor thing, I have no idea about snares either sorry but assume RSPCA should be able to let you know. Hope your cat is better soon, and just thought I'd mention about pet insurance. It is worth getting. I was paying £10 a month for my little dog with petplan I think. She ended up having lots of visits to the vets which would have come to hundreds and hundreds of pounds, but the insurance paid it all. It was such a relief to be able to say to vets to do anything that she needed and not have to worry about the cost.

Mitmoo Mon 22-Aug-11 08:42:19

Theyre not just our moggies OP the little creatures arrive and sneakily make themselves a part of the family when your back is turned. Such as when clawing up your nets, peering heads over netwire to look out of the window.

I hope your cat pulls through and you and your son are both fine. YAYAYA for hubby being the hero of the hour too.

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 22-Aug-11 08:44:36

Not really helpful but a quick online search shows that some snares are legal and some not but the legal definition of those that are not (self locking) is a bit vague.

There is a National Anti-Snaring Campaign site here. I found it very distressing but felt I should post it. sad

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Mon 22-Aug-11 09:11:34

Oh my god this made me cry! sad That is so awful! I hope your cat is ok, I know that they can get about pretty well with only 3 legs.

Have no idea about the trap thing but it doesn't sound like it should be legal (not that that makes any difference!)

Cathycomehome Mon 22-Aug-11 09:44:30

Thanks for messages - update - cat made it through the night, and we can even go and fetch him later today!! What a fighter! So relieved, although I'm not looking forward to seeing his stump - the nurse said that there had been "a small amount of ooze" <boak> in the night but nothing to worry about.

I AM going to contact RSPCA when cat is settled and OK and I can think straight about what I want to say, so they can at least investigate if these traps are illegal.

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Mon 22-Aug-11 09:52:19

Glad he's doing ok smile

Thumbwitch Mon 22-Aug-11 09:55:36

Very pleased to hear that your cat has made it thus far, Cathy - hope he goes from strength to strength. smile

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