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To have laughed at DP?

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Topcat11 Sat 20-Aug-11 10:43:53

Last night, watching celebrity BB.
DP: Are Jedward brothers or just friends?
Me: Ahahahahaha!

nosexpleaseimpregnant Sat 20-Aug-11 10:54:03

What an idiot grin he deserves to be laughed at!!

itisnearlysummer Sat 20-Aug-11 10:57:09

YANBU for laughing at DP.

YABU for watching 'celebrity' BB.

Shutupanddrive Sat 20-Aug-11 10:58:35


BoneyBackJefferson Sat 20-Aug-11 11:07:57

YABVVVVVVVU for knowing anything about jedward

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