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To want to wake the baby up and ask him where my mobile phone is?

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BoattoBolivia Fri 19-Aug-11 22:13:20

I know I am really as he is only 17 months and will have no idea what I am on about and you NEVER wake a sleeping toddler at night but WHERE THE FUCK DID HE PUT IT?
Yes, we have tried ringing it, but it is not connecting and I'm sure it was on and charged, so he has put it somewhere that blocks the signal.

hetty74 Fri 19-Aug-11 22:15:55

Try the bin . That's where my ds put mine

ImperialBlether Fri 19-Aug-11 22:16:54

Gah! I had a good list then of suggested places and lost it.

Have a look:

Under any bookcases or cabinets
Inside shoes or boots
If your tv is on a stand, look under that
In his toy box
In the washing machine
Under his sheet
In the toilet
In the bathroom bin

honeymom Fri 19-Aug-11 22:17:11

Down the loo. In the kitchen sink. Dishwasher. It's unlikely a 17 month old will remember. Although my dd was about that age when she hid my keys and she found them a week later lol

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 19-Aug-11 22:18:56

In a drawer (bedside ones are the fave of DD)

startwig1982 Fri 19-Aug-11 22:19:05

Love the idea of asking where your phone is grin I have this to look forward to! Have you tried the washing machine/down the sofa/dishwasher/dog's bowl?

BaronessBomburst Fri 19-Aug-11 22:22:10

I second the bin. And the toy box too if he's got one. Anything missing in our house ends up in the toy box. He even lugged the garden hose in one day, after deciding that it was now his. That one was easy to spot though. grin

lifechanger Fri 19-Aug-11 22:23:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

backwardpossom Fri 19-Aug-11 22:24:08

Down the back of the sofa is usually a good shout. I did find mine in the freezer once. I had no idea he could open the freezer...

I had to get a new phone.

BoattoBolivia Fri 19-Aug-11 22:25:34

Done all of the above. The annoying thing is we have been out since 10 am and he wasn't up till 8. He was only in the kitchen, sitting room and hall before we went out, so I really can't think where it is. DH and I have even resorted to some tidying, which, if you knew us, would show how puzzled we are!
Keep the suggestions coming, though, you never know. grin

devonshiredumpling Fri 19-Aug-11 22:25:50

try the video recorder if you have one i once found a jam sandwich in ours

CRIKRI Fri 19-Aug-11 22:28:07

Fridge (perhaps you put it there.)

Once somehow left mine on top of the guinea pig cage before work and it fell in. Lucky I cleaned them out that night and discovered it (and checked the bill for calls to Peru.)

BoattoBolivia Fri 19-Aug-11 22:29:12

Just checked the fridge and he can't reach the freezers.

BoattoBolivia Fri 19-Aug-11 22:29:56

Most of the cupboards at his height, eg tv, are locked and I've checked the others.

lifechanger Fri 19-Aug-11 22:30:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Woodlands Fri 19-Aug-11 22:30:30

Through the cat flap? That's where everything in our house goes.

IAmTheCookieMonster Fri 19-Aug-11 22:32:14

If the signal has stopped i would try the loo!

BoattoBolivia Fri 19-Aug-11 22:33:53

Checked cat flap and loo. Nope.

stickylittlefingers Fri 19-Aug-11 22:36:11

dd1 left a long message on my brother's answerphone of the "arra arra arra" variety when she stole my phone aged about 14 months. he guessed what had happened smile

She had it under the mat in the playpen. It was quite sticky - eeeuw...

Spagbolagain Fri 19-Aug-11 22:36:23

Under the sofa, in a shoe or boot, in the dishwasher?

ellmum Fri 19-Aug-11 22:36:47

The letter box? My DD 'posts' stuff through ours, but really it just lays in between the two openings, sort of in the door iyswim.

BoattoBolivia Fri 19-Aug-11 22:38:00

I liked the letterbox, but no. sad

BeatRoute Fri 19-Aug-11 22:40:42

Inbetween the pages of a book?

Try crawling about at kid height to see if you can spot it from a different angle.

lydiamama Fri 19-Aug-11 22:41:09

behind a radiator?
Mine used to hide everything in the gap between the radiator and the wall

hetty74 Fri 19-Aug-11 22:41:41

Another one of DS's hiding places was behind the bay window radiator, ended up having to take the damn thing off the wall to free numerous blocks of duplo, figures, pens etc etc

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