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MN and swearing

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StrandedBear Thu 18-Aug-11 23:47:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Verahaspurpletwuntypants Thu 18-Aug-11 23:49:46

No you are fucking not BU. More wine

OTheHugeManatee Thu 18-Aug-11 23:51:13

YANB fucking U.



AgentZigzag Thu 18-Aug-11 23:51:36


usualsuspect Thu 18-Aug-11 23:52:48

fuck yeah

BeerTricksPotter Thu 18-Aug-11 23:53:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

reelingintheyears Thu 18-Aug-11 23:53:28

Curb the swearing.

Kerb is the bit at the side of the road.


Otherwise YANBU.

Honeydragon Thu 18-Aug-11 23:54:22

You do know someone will be along in a minute to go "oh a stupid swearing thread why don't you all grow up etc etc"

Have fun telling them to fuck off grin

squeakytoy Thu 18-Aug-11 23:55:17

Swearing indirectly is a bit different to swearing AT someone though.

Fine to say "I have had a shit fucking day today".. not fine to tell someone to "go fuck yourself"...

I do swear on here now and again, but rarely as I was also used to forums where you got a ban for using words like "dick" or "shite"... so it is out of habit more than anything else. Ebay would ban you for using never mind the actual word... grin

Fo0ffyShmoofer Thu 18-Aug-11 23:59:02

If I don't swear here I will swear at DH.

It's performing a very valuable service. It's like marriage counselling but without the bum clench and angst.

I am celebrating my first MN birthday around nowish.
Long may she reign! wine Up yer bum.

carpwidow Fri 19-Aug-11 00:01:37

I think it's marvellous - poo pants! ;)

FabbyChic Fri 19-Aug-11 00:02:41

Its all fucking bollocks they ought to get their head out of their twats and smell the roses.

reelingintheyears Fri 19-Aug-11 00:03:13

Me too Fooffy.

Up yer bum too.grin

Fo0ffyShmoofer Fri 19-Aug-11 00:03:58

Fabby - grin and <boak>

reelingintheyears Fri 19-Aug-11 00:04:41

Who's that then FabbyChic?

mrsdonkeybucket Fri 19-Aug-11 00:04:41

....get their heads out of their twats ?

Fucking hell, there are some very bendy ladies here ! grin

usualsuspect Fri 19-Aug-11 00:05:18

I think fabbys been on the sherry tonight

carpwidow Fri 19-Aug-11 00:05:33

...yes... I wish I could do that!

MotherMucca Fri 19-Aug-11 00:05:39


BeerTricksPotter Fri 19-Aug-11 00:05:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fo0ffyShmoofer Fri 19-Aug-11 00:06:24

after having your head up your twat, a rose just isn't going to smell that sweet.

usualsuspect Fri 19-Aug-11 00:07:09

and fucking goodnight from her BTP

ChippingIn Fri 19-Aug-11 00:08:54


I also think it's just fine to tell someone to Fuck Off. In fact it's better than fine, it's satisfying.

It is less fine to say 'YOU are a fucking cunt'


I think we can all actually pull up our big girl pants and live with it if that's someone's opinion. No need to run and tell like the whingers we seem to be attracting lately.

Mind you, I got a post deleted the other day for telling a poster... 'If you don't like being told you are being unreasonable, then don't post in AIBU. It's ridiculous to expect everyone to agree with you' - apparently that's abusive ???????????

carpwidow Fri 19-Aug-11 00:10:21

Mum's net has liberated me. I've been here a week; Monday - do I need special saucepans for my induction hob? Tuesday - Has anyone tips for fragrancing their ironing water? Wed - Does anyone's Aga get too hot in the summer? Thurs - How on earth can I get my fucking head up my fucking twat? Marvellous!!! wine p.s. I'm NEVER going back to the Amazon Kindle Forum

reelingintheyears Fri 19-Aug-11 00:10:32

If i could get my own head up my own twat i might just have to ditch DP.


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