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To think there should be a spechul newbie section....

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DrPolidori Thu 18-Aug-11 18:27:54

where they get broken in gently?

Tenebrist Thu 18-Aug-11 18:28:28

Broken in or broken down?

SuePurblybilt Thu 18-Aug-11 18:28:37

Someone saying Twat on the hour every hour until they get used to it?

DrPolidori Thu 18-Aug-11 18:31:52

A bit of both, Tene, but twat on the hour is good...they won't feel overwhelmed and rush back to NM other forums squealing with fear...or post "Outraged of Internet Wells"" stylee threads

Maryz Thu 18-Aug-11 18:42:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DrPolidori Thu 18-Aug-11 18:44:37

but clearly we are scaring them back!

I think just one teeny ticker wouldn't be to much to give them, and a couple of swearyword free days...

SuePurblybilt Thu 18-Aug-11 18:47:19

Oh no, no swear free days or tickers. Not on my watch <straying into imaginary Renegade Cop mode again>

Verahaspurpletwuntypants Thu 18-Aug-11 18:47:21

Is that not a Oxymoron? Broken in gently?

Then you can step it up a but so you add a few more taunts and scunthorpes

Maryz Thu 18-Aug-11 18:49:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DrPolidori Thu 18-Aug-11 18:49:56

it could be a nice sweary ticker?

its been one nanosecond since I last swore on MN?

Then they could choose to engage with those who swear very rarely.

All three of them.

Besom Thu 18-Aug-11 18:56:00

Yes should be called 'AIBP'

Or 'Am I being patronised?'

Verahaspurpletwuntypants Thu 18-Aug-11 18:56:39

Or a swear counter next to our names?

DrPolidori Thu 18-Aug-11 18:58:09

And a how many posts have I had deleted counter?

DrPolidori Thu 18-Aug-11 18:59:28

Or maybe a buddy system? mentoring for newbies....

I think Pagwatch would make a good mentor. And Hully.

rhondajean Thu 18-Aug-11 19:02:08

nothing to do with the topic sorry but why did I have to log in before I could see this thread? Thats never happened before.

Ive never seen MN deleting posts either, it must be a full moon or something.

Well I just have to say (clearly I don't but there you go and whatever....)

I DID swear on a thread today, ( rumour has it I did use the c word), I DID mention posh stuff like Mapp and Lucia, I even wrote in Italian FFS AND I got deleted. And it wasn't even me who was talking about taking it up the arse at the time, so that has left me in a delicious state of stupefaction, to be frank.

I think I probably still count as a relative newby, nobody seems to know me, nor Give One, which I don't take personally, such is the nature of MN, but I don't think we should have a special section. If you can't take the somewhat 'boisterous' nature of MN, then you can fark orf, non?

Personally I love it. Beats bloody bastard B*byc*nter Blandsville hands down.

OK. I am going to get deleted again now... <jumps around waving two fingers in advance>

But really - WHO is it that gets our posts deleted? Does somebody fire off a missive to MNHQ?? I must try harder!

wigglesrock Thu 18-Aug-11 19:04:30

Fuck off grin

MadamDeathstare Thu 18-Aug-11 19:04:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pagwatch Thu 18-Aug-11 19:08:18

I would be an excellent mentor. Could I have a badge?

Although ' here is your mentor, anyfucker' might give them a heads up about the place

SuePurblybilt Thu 18-Aug-11 19:09:37

Imagine AF as a mnentor. Or Hully, come to that.

NotQuiteSoDesperate Thu 18-Aug-11 19:12:58

Or some advice about not posting a stupid "AIBU to think that MNetters should not tell women to leave their husbands so easily?" In your first week. blush

Wasn't me, honest!

Verahaspurpletwuntypants Thu 18-Aug-11 19:13:11

I'm not up to being a mentor... I don't swear enough. grin

NotQuiteSoDesperate Thu 18-Aug-11 19:13:56

Name changed about 6 times in the first fortnight due to total idiocy on here....

Yep. It should be called the Shit Fuck Bollocks Cunt Induction. <waits for post to implode>

Sue, I could imagine AF as a dementor, nevermind a mentor.

that'd be cool! grin

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