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to think this is some kind of record?

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biddysmama Tue 16-Aug-11 22:50:33

my grandma has given me some crap things from her house

included in this bounty was a packet of rice noodles with a best before date of 31-07-1987 shock

now i usually have a look at things, if its past date and looks/smells ok then i cook it really well and eat it anyway but i'm going to give these a miss i think?

squeakytoy Tue 16-Aug-11 22:51:32

dried noodles.. they will be fine grin... it is only a best before anyway!! wink

Aww, my mum gave me food colouring with 1992 on it, I thought I had the record... sad

cleanteeth Tue 16-Aug-11 22:55:04

They're older than me!

itisnearlysummer Tue 16-Aug-11 22:56:25

I'd still eat them. Unless they're soft or mouldy.

I love it. My grandma used to do this when she was alive.

"I was sorting out my fridge and I found these eggs that are [well] out of date, I'm not going to eat them. I thought you might like them" Er, thanks Grandma!

squeakytoy Tue 16-Aug-11 22:56:43

I cleared my mums kitchen cupboards after she died 3 years ago..

There were herbs and spices in there with price labels on them... in old money... shock .. I was almost tempted to put them on ebay in the collectables section! grin

MirandaGoshawk Tue 16-Aug-11 22:57:04

Yep. You win!

Mum gave me some stuff when she moved house, including some clingfilm from when it first came out, judging by the 1970s picture on the box. But the only edible thing she gave me was a lemon which was very old, but not 1987!

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Wed 17-Aug-11 00:26:53

Dried noodles? As long as they haven't got weevils, no problem - eat and enjoy!

<<wonders whether in another culture weevils are a delicacy?>>

blackeyedsusan Wed 17-Aug-11 00:52:00

<takes off socks to try and work out how old they are > <fails>

<mind boggles at the thought they are older than clean teeth. wonders if she is using her mums nick name as 1987 was not that long ago, I can remember it quite clearly.... >

<retires to bed weeping>

QueenStromba Wed 17-Aug-11 02:23:26

Today I threw out some coffee which had a best before date of last September. I'm just trying to figure out how we had something that long past it's best before date in the fridge (I'd understand it if was in a cupboard).

AlfalfaMum Wed 17-Aug-11 02:43:00

Not quite on a par, but we ate my granny's Christmas puddings (that she'd made) for a few Christmasses running after she died. They were too good to waste, and unfortunately the recipe died with her smile

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Wed 17-Aug-11 02:57:32

Homemade Christmas puds live forever grin

My paternal great-gran's recipe has been handed down through my family; it produces the best puds I (and numerous others) have tasted.

If you pm me I'd be happy to send it to you Alfala - Christmas puds are remarkably easy to make.

lady007pink Wed 17-Aug-11 05:27:35

Back in 1994, my elderly neighbour gave us 2 pots of jam - she had 1970 written on the labels!

whyme2 Wed 17-Aug-11 06:03:11

A relative of mine died a few years ago now. We found in his understair pantry three bottles of 7up dated BB 1977. They were delicious and still fizzy!

Ivortheengine8 Wed 17-Aug-11 06:49:20

OMG I was 7 when those noodles expired - definately a record. Take it to the auction house.

kittensliveupstairs Wed 17-Aug-11 06:57:20

FiL offered DH a can of Oasthouse bitter. It was Gateway's finest and had a drink before date of seven years previously.
DH did say it tasted odd. I wasn't offered anything, I'd had my glass of Lambrusco with dinner. The wine had been opened five days before when a neighbour had visited.

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