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My mother's best pronouncement yet

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Georgimama Tue 16-Aug-11 21:39:26

I'm not even asking if IABU, I know I'm not. I'm just posting this here for the enjoyment of the maximum number of MNers.

Today DD (aged 2 weeks) was wearing a very pretty sleepsuit in a cream sprigged print with tiny pink flowers on it. DM admired it. I said "yes, it is pretty, actually this print looks familiar to me, I'm sure I had a nightie in a print like this when I was little." DM agreed it did look familiar and this was entirely possible.

A couple of hours later, in the middle of a conversation about something else entirely, DM piped up "I remember where I've seen that print before now - (name of undertakers in home town) always had shrouds made of a fabric exactly like that."

When I had recovered sufficiently I replied "please feel free to keep information like that to yourself in future DM".

dolldaggabuzzbuzz Tue 16-Aug-11 21:41:13

Your mum sounds bonkers, OP.

Debs75 Tue 16-Aug-11 21:41:36

As long as it wasn't used then it's fine.

Debs75 Tue 16-Aug-11 21:42:07

But that is a mad comment to actually come out with

JanMorrow Tue 16-Aug-11 21:42:36

ha! oh god.

itisnearlysummer Tue 16-Aug-11 21:45:59

Perhaps the idea just popped into her head and out of her mouth without her realising what she was saying? Maybe...

FakePlasticTrees Tue 16-Aug-11 21:46:08

Is that where she got the material for your nightie from then?

Georgimama Tue 16-Aug-11 22:11:55

DM really not the sewing type, although if she were she would have no hesitation in making a child's nightie out of a shroud.

rhondajean Tue 16-Aug-11 22:15:44

Your mother sounds quite like mines, and I could actually top that if you would like?

NorksAreMessy Tue 16-Aug-11 22:17:19

Go on Rhonda I love threads like this, please spill

ILoveDolly Tue 16-Aug-11 22:18:57

Shrouds?!!?! shock Mums - they just don't think, do they!

rhondajean Tue 16-Aug-11 22:20:29

Ok I swear this is true.

Last year a close family member died at 16. Tragic and the funeral was awful. At the tea DM pulls me aside and starts going on about some clothes or books she has bought for my DCs.

I was struggling to keep it together and I told her so, and said it wasnt really the time, I was just trying to get through the day.

She turns to me, exasperated, and says....

Wait for it!!

Oh for goodness sake.....


InfestationofLannisters Tue 16-Aug-11 22:23:40

My Mum is like this. When I starting working and thinking about getting a place to live she said, "Oh IoL how about looking to buy one of the the flats by the shops, you know the ones, where that girl was raped and murdered?"

kiki22 Tue 16-Aug-11 22:25:29

Grandmother once told my mum best way for a happy marriage is to keep your man happy in the bedroom...

mum says but what about at your age (grans 70) when ur over all that

Gran replys are you kiddin when ur retired thats what the afternoons are for!!!


rhondajean Tue 16-Aug-11 22:28:13

Hooray at use for retirement afternoons!!

DD1 found some money dropped in the street the other week and when she told my mother she asked:

was it a drug deal that went wrong?

Main town street on a Saturday morning!! And she doesnt even read Daily Mail!!

ChippingIn Tue 16-Aug-11 22:29:03

Sorry OP - but I feel Infestational wins!! OMFG

Kiki - love our Gran!! grin

I can't share any - I have to download them immediately or I'd explode!

xmyboys Tue 16-Aug-11 22:31:22

Bless DMgrin

Melly20MummyToPoppy Tue 16-Aug-11 22:32:13

What is a shroud? [idiot] I know the word, just don't know what one is!

kiki22 Tue 16-Aug-11 22:32:49

yup gran very funny and mum even funnier for lettin me n my sister know couldn't look grandad in the eyes for weeks!

OP - you should have told ur mum thats were u got it half price as pre used smile see what she said to that

olibeansmummy Tue 16-Aug-11 22:33:30

Lol my mums the same. When I had ds I had to stay in hospital for a week due to a pph and ds being put on antibiotics, so they put me in a private room. The first day in it my mum pipes up with, 'this is where they put people who have still births too'. It might have been hormones, but this seriously freaked me out sad. She doesn't mean to she just says what comes into her head! She also told me ( whilst having blood pumped into me) that I would definately start to feel down in 3 days and I should put cabbage on my ( non breast feeding) boobs. Not what I needed to hear after being rushed into surgery, having a blood transfusion and unable to get up to look after my new born son sad

InfestationofLannisters Tue 16-Aug-11 22:40:05

Cheers but dunno about that ChippinIn. Comparing a pretty sleepsuit on a two week baby (congrats OP btw) to a shroud is fairly, well... mad eccentric.

SnapesMistress Tue 16-Aug-11 23:07:57

Melly a shroud is fabric that you wrap a dead body in.

Melly20MummyToPoppy Wed 17-Aug-11 07:40:25

Oh. Nice confused

I can agree with everyone else now, that was a bit of a strange thing to say hmm.

diddl Wed 17-Aug-11 07:45:02

Just me who doesn´t find it odd, then?

If I suddenly remembered something I´d say straight away & then carry on with the conversation.

Why do you feel she should have kept it to herself?

RealityVonCrapp Wed 17-Aug-11 07:49:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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