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not to have ironed them

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vividgingerchilli Mon 15-Aug-11 18:27:38

I have had a massive clear out of my clothes and the children's clothes and have donated 4 black bin bags of clothes to a local charity shop, they are all as new and I could have sold them on ebay.
Now I have donated them, I am wondering - was I unreasonable not to have ironed them all? They were all freshly washed with good detergent and fabric conditioner but I didn't have time to iron them - the alternative would have been to pass them on to acquaintances or bin them.

usualsuspect Mon 15-Aug-11 18:29:24

They will steam them ,so don't worry

LesserOfTwoWeevils Mon 15-Aug-11 18:30:35

They'd have got creased in the bags anyway.
Good of you to donate them.

Madlizzy Mon 15-Aug-11 18:32:20

I work in a charity shop, and we steam the clothes. We'd be very grateful that they were clean and fresh. grin

LuceyLasstic Mon 15-Aug-11 18:39:06

you should have washed them, ironed them, put each item on a hanger and sealed each one separately hermetically with plastic, then labelled each one

why were you so lazy as to not do those things OP

vividgingerchilli Mon 15-Aug-11 18:49:47

Think I'll give the steam cleaning and labelling a miss!!! Thanks everybody.

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