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to be annoyed at my father??

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cookielove Sun 14-Aug-11 20:40:11

Last week, i had got a flat tyre when i hit a large piece of old wall that he been dumped probably years ago in the undergrowth, not only did i get a flat but the wheel was damaged, and the tyre wall. The tyre was brand new in Jan, lately i feel that my car has been absorbing all money [argh]

Any way after changing it (thanks dp) i remembered my spare has a slow puncture, so we went and topped it up, and then i drove over to my parents house as they were storing another spare tyre for my car. ( Someone stole a tyre off my car, which we replaced they then dumped my tyre when it didn't fit there car so i had an extra spare) So i change the tyres and my dad who is a real worrier has organised it so that my car gets checked to make sure i haven't damaged inside the wheel arch. Fine we get it checked its fine.

So the wheel is damaged but i want to save the tyre, no problem i'll take it to quick fit, but dad wants to come with me, while he is getting changed, he changes his mind, he wants me to go home and he'll sort it all out, i double check, as kwik fit is on my way home but no no he'll sort it.

Ok i really want to go home, so i say fine.

So i don't want to push him, i don't mention it to him but in phone call tonight with my mum i ask if he had said anything and she said 'yeah he really wants you to grow up' so i said fine i'll come get the tyre and sort it out no problem, to be honest i did get a bit defense, and a but uppity, and i am the baby of the family and i do let things get done for me.

So i probably i am being unreasonable, but i think i can be a bit annoyed at him for indirectly telling me to grow up??

michglas Sun 14-Aug-11 20:52:22

Sounds pretty minor to me, you've done pretty well to have gone through life and all he's done to upset you is to tell you to grow up. Sounds like your dad just wants to make amends and feels that you were stopping him.

cookielove Sun 14-Aug-11 20:59:06

I'm not upset, i am annoyed, if he didn't want to do it why offer?

Yes very minor i concur smile

Make ammends for what? stopping how?

DorisIsAPinkDragon Sun 14-Aug-11 20:59:06

I don't know how old you are but it sounds like you ARE taking too much direction from your parents and you KNOW that but are upset that they have SAID that.

If it was on your way home there is absolutely no reason you couldn't have said to your dad thanks for the offer but I'm ok to do this (I think you know this really tho').

I think YANBU for the snidey behind your back comments but YABU for not doing it yourself in the first place.

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