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That a little gift would be nice?

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doesthisseemright Sun 14-Aug-11 10:35:54

A work colleage who has been with us three years is going on a 3 year study leave (for her phd). In theory she is to return to work but who knows what will happen after that three years. Her leaving do is on thurs and work have only arranged a card (and we are going to lunch).
I asked about a collection for a gift but was told there wouldnt be one as she was "just going on leave, njot actually leaving".
Does this seem a bit mean?

sloggies Sun 14-Aug-11 10:38:34

See both pov here...could you get a small token gift just from you, and give it to her discreetly so it doesn't like criticism of other staff you still work with?

doesthisseemright Sun 14-Aug-11 10:41:31

I will give her a small gift..I would have liked to contribute to a group one so will do on my own. Not sure what to get though ..

catgirl1976 Sun 14-Aug-11 10:42:10

My work doesn't do leaving gifts or cards no matter how long you have been there as they don't want to encourage people to leave (?) or make it seem like something that should be celebrated. Maybe there is a similar view at play here? Still - nothing stopping you getting her something.

doesthisseemright Sun 14-Aug-11 10:43:13

No we usually have a collection...there have been many movements in the last three years

gillybean2 Sun 14-Aug-11 10:44:25

It may be that if she does leave in due course a collection would be done then. For now she is still an emplyee, just on extended study leave.

We had a lady who was off for ages as she was unwell. She still got birthday cards and a leaving gift when she did eventually leave without returning to work (even though quite a few new staff had never met her she was still considered a memeber of staff)

sloggies Sun 14-Aug-11 10:44:42

If I was the colleague, I would just be very chuffed that someone had acknowledged me, as it were, and the gift itself would be unimportant almost, as long as it wasn't tat. I don't mean it has to cost much. Some people really like nice chox, but I would rather not as I would scoff too many! Maybe a nice notebook or something?

supadupapupascupa Sun 14-Aug-11 10:48:10

in all the places i have worked, there would have been a collection and big fuss made. gift would have been pen, paper, notebooks, briefcase, something student humerous etc something relevant to the study.

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