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To share DS's Dr Who script with you all?

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solidgoldbrass Sat 13-Aug-11 23:59:51

Because I am both proud and PMSL at it. He is 6 btw...

Series 9 Episode 1
What are those ships approaching?Er...Darlek ships?If they are Darlek ships....RUN!THEME...Human race will be exterminated!
The Doctor cannot stop the Darleks!When The Doctor will meet the Darlek race..he will die!And our revenge will be free!Pieu!Exterminate!Exterminate!Extermin...Pieu!All Darleks will leave and retern to shelter from the Katriftbreak.Exterminate!Argh!Yeah...well feel this.Pom!Pom!Pom!Exterminate!Pieu!Argh!Exterminate!
End of Chapter 1
Start of Chapter 2

I am particularly proud of the onomatapiea, I have to say grin Pieu! Pom! Pom!

nakedandangry Sun 14-Aug-11 00:04:11

Pieu! that's it that's exactly the noise 7 yr old ds makes when under dalek attack.

Bravo sgb jr. grin

takethisonehereforastart Sun 14-Aug-11 00:04:28

I like it grin

My friend Rob wrote the episode Dalek, where Christopher Ecclestone's Doctor finds a dalek in the museum and realises they are not extinct. I'll tell him he has competition now.

WilsonFrickett Sun 14-Aug-11 00:05:28

Brilliant grin

solidgoldbrass Sun 14-Aug-11 00:06:41

My DS likes that episode. We have pretty much all the last 6 years' worth on DVD and every episode goes through a spell of being the favourite for a while. Currently it's The Christmas Invasion but we will be back to Turn Left/The Lost Earth any minute.

TapselteerieO Sun 14-Aug-11 00:07:25

Lovely, though I am kind of Doctor Who'd out with my obsessive son.

Someone asked ds which was the best Doctor Who, he said "Me" - he is convinced he is the 12th Doctor.

AitchTwoOh Sun 14-Aug-11 00:09:04

Pieu! LOVE IT.

Valpollicella Sun 14-Aug-11 00:11:45

Amazing grin

I can hear the Pieu;s as they would sound on screen!

And fab writing too for 6

nakedandangry Sun 14-Aug-11 00:22:20

takethisonehereforastart that has the fabulous moment when sad lonely dalek electrocutes all the soldiers by setting off the water sprinklers and Pieu!
...everyone dies

So satisfying.

solidgoldbrass Sun 14-Aug-11 01:16:53

Taps, my DS is going to be the next Doctor, or so he informed everyone at the model railways show this year...

Columbia999 Sun 14-Aug-11 01:20:27

My brother wrote the "Fires of Pompeii" episode. I must tell him that he needs to include more pieu pieuing in his future scripts! grin

solidgoldbrass Sun 14-Aug-11 01:25:23

Blimey, what a lot of MNers are connected to Dr Who scriptwriters!

AitchTwoOh Sun 14-Aug-11 01:30:13

did he, col? that episode put my dd off it forever... she was freakin' terrified of the volcano creature thingybobs...

organicgardener Sun 14-Aug-11 01:33:20

Hehehehehe.....he's got taste I love Dr Who too smile

Mandy2003 Sun 14-Aug-11 11:44:18

Do you know: French boys don't say "Pieu" they say "Pouf, Pouf"? Or so I have been told!

belgo Sun 14-Aug-11 11:47:00

grin he needs to make a short film with some darlek figures and put it on youtube.

Columbia9999 I loved that episode!

Anniegetyourgun Sun 14-Aug-11 11:50:12

YABU. OK, so he can spell "exterminate" at 6, but he really should be able to spell "dalek" as well. Hmph, educational standards today eh.

Rattlin' good story though, and pleased to see you are bringing him up with a proper grasp of the classics.

ChaoticAngeloftheUnderworld Sun 14-Aug-11 12:36:54


DontCallMePeanut Sun 14-Aug-11 15:15:36

He's got a talent there... Have you sent this to the beeb yet? grin

HoneyPablo Sun 14-Aug-11 15:19:34

Love it. grin DD used to write her own versions of Harry Potter on the computer at that age and DS used to write his own song lyrics.
I love children's stories, much better than adult's.

BertieBotts Sun 14-Aug-11 15:24:05

Darlek isn't too bad. DS once asked what I was banging when I was chopping some garlic and then ran away saying "Nooooo!" when I told him - he thought I was putting daleks in his dinner confused grin

solidgoldbrass Mon 15-Aug-11 00:05:52

Annie: I was more taken with 'Katriftbreak' which I think is DS' take on 'Cataclysm': as a phonetic rendering of a word he doesn't know and only heard once said by the Supreme Dalek who talks funny, I thought that was rather cool.

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