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To be realllllllly nosey....

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JessKM Sat 13-Aug-11 22:53:40

From the general chat its obvious theres a whole wealth of countries and cultures on MN, including mixed/blended families.....Where are you guys all from, I do wonder how many different countries there is all together.

I'll go....

Im was born in Hawaii, to mixed race parents....Puerto Rican/Samoan.

DH is Tahitian descent, born in London.

StrandedBear Sat 13-Aug-11 22:55:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AmazingBouncingFerret Sat 13-Aug-11 22:56:25

I was born and live in the midlands. The rest of my family are geordies.

My husband, again, was born in the midlands but his family are, on his mums side, a bizarre mixture of Italian and Egyptian.

NeedaCostume Sat 13-Aug-11 22:58:50

Bit boring but I am all English (Sheffield) and DP is half English, half Dutch.

FabbyChic Sat 13-Aug-11 22:59:06

Born in Essex, UK, moved to Hampshire 7 years ago.

White british.

BaronessBomburst Sat 13-Aug-11 22:59:48

I'm English, DH isn't sure if he's English or Irish, and we live in The Netherlands where DS was born, so he won't be sure if he's English/Irish or Dutch.......

JessKM Sat 13-Aug-11 22:59:53

Its a shame we dont have an online map we can tick off lol....within three posts weve got 8 countries covered! Fascinates me!


DontGoCurly Sat 13-Aug-11 23:00:17

Irish with a sprinkling of ....Irish. <feels very un-exotic>

JessKM Sat 13-Aug-11 23:00:55

scrap that....add a few more!

JessKM Sat 13-Aug-11 23:01:48

Curly-I love ireland! We married in Kildare and in my dreams....we live there, just in the foothills of the wicklows...ahhhhh

DogsBestFriend Sat 13-Aug-11 23:02:32

I'm boring. A Londoner born to London/Kent parents.

I can boast German, Dutch and Jewish ancestors though!

SecretNutellaFix Sat 13-Aug-11 23:03:37

Born in Wales, both parents Irish.

Bathsheba Sat 13-Aug-11 23:03:40

Born and raised on Scotland. Quarter Irish which makes me eligible to play for them internationally at football....

DH born and raised in Scotland, rural NE Scotland for about 1,000 generations.

3 DDs all born in the same hospital in Aberdeen. They are 1/16 th Irish, which isn't enough to play international football for them.

And despite all that, we really aren't nationalists at all!!!

RightUpMyRue Sat 13-Aug-11 23:04:02

I'm English with a hint of Irish and DP is English.

Firawla Sat 13-Aug-11 23:05:31

irish born in uk and dh is sri lankan born in uk

WheelsOnTheBike Sat 13-Aug-11 23:05:59

DH and I both west coast scotland, DCs both east coast Scotland, all of us Scots for a good few generations, then my lot are Irish.

JessKM Sat 13-Aug-11 23:06:27

Theres more irish in here than new york city! loves it! hope someone is keeping count lol

duckdodgers Sat 13-Aug-11 23:07:01

Me and DH are Scottish born and bred, live west coast.

Memoo Sat 13-Aug-11 23:08:39

I'm part English, part Irish with a bit of Spanish thrown in.

chicletteeth Sat 13-Aug-11 23:11:00

I'm half Irish (mums side) and 1/4 english, 1/8 italian and 1/8 german, my dads side.
Also am a Canadian citizen (naturalised after living there for 10 years) although I'm now back in the UK and 18 away from where I was born and brought up in London

Anifrangapani Sat 13-Aug-11 23:11:56

Born in Australia, live in UK. One Australian parent and one Irish.

Grandparents - Estonian, English (we think) and Irish

DH English, with a German / Austrian ancestory - although several generations ago. We have the surname - so everyone assumes he is Johnny Foreigner.

superjobee Sat 13-Aug-11 23:12:01

born in scotland, to scots/irish parents <not 1st generations, both great great grannys were irish and come over to scotland with their husbands and kids> but my dad is more interested in his heritage than mum is. also have romany gypsy rellies going back around 4 generations of gps, but that is a whooole other story in itself.

CRS Sat 13-Aug-11 23:12:29

A Midlander with Scots/Irish parents.

SockMunkee Sat 13-Aug-11 23:14:06

I am English, my mum is English, my dad was English. Grandparents are Polish, English,Irish and Scottish

acsec Sat 13-Aug-11 23:14:12

Mum is Australian of Irish descent, Dad is Scottish

DP's mum is English and his dad is Scottish

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