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AIBU to ask my new neighbours to stop drilling at 7.30pm on a Sat night?

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littlewaltham Sat 13-Aug-11 20:07:08

I live in a terraced house. A couple purchased the house next door 3 months ago and have been renovating the house ever since. Their families are pitching in and the noisy drilling and banging goes on over the weekend. I have just been in to ask them to stop driling and was met with 4 stony faces as if I had asked them to drill their hands to the floorboards (tempting). The neighbours have chosen not to move in until the renovations are complete!

I have a 4 year old DD who settles for sleep between 7pm and 7.30 sad

squeakytoy Sat 13-Aug-11 20:09:54

They probably work during the week, so yes YAB a bit U.. the more they get done, the quicker it will be finished and hopefully you will have nice new neighbours... dont make enemies of them before they even move in...

pleasethanks Sat 13-Aug-11 20:12:02

No YANBU. I have been through something similar. There is not much you can do about it during the day, but I think 730pm is taking the piss.

scurryfunge Sat 13-Aug-11 20:12:52

7.30pm is not late. Nearer 9pm and I would ask them to stop for the night.

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Sat 13-Aug-11 20:13:23

I think I'd give them til 9pm tbh. 7.30 isn't late

littlewaltham Sat 13-Aug-11 20:13:53

The work goes on 7 days a week. They are lovely couple but they are only in house 1 or 2 days a week. Woman does not work. I do from home sad Trying to be reasonable but both DH and I have shocking tempers. Amazing how noise gets to me!!

lachesis Sat 13-Aug-11 20:14:59

YABU. That's not late and this may be the only time they have to get help in.

GypsyMoth Sat 13-Aug-11 20:16:18

4 of them?

So they are trying to get the work done fairly quickly?
Well it's not late. 9pm would be fairer.

littlewaltham Sat 13-Aug-11 20:16:24

7.30 is not late but I can't settle DD and I am not keeping her up until 9pm unless it is for my own slummy mother reasons.

lachesis Sat 13-Aug-11 20:17:57

Well, ask them. I'd tell you too bad, though, if you were my neighbour. 9PM in summer holidays is not too late for a 4-year-old to go to bed. That's not a little baby.

Goodynuff Sat 13-Aug-11 20:18:16

so 5 out of 7 days it is quiet, they need to finish before they move in, it is the weekend, they have chance to get some help to make it go faster, it is only, yabu, sorry

Flisspaps Sat 13-Aug-11 20:19:32

YABU even if it is your DD's bedtime. It's a pain in the arse, but the world (nor your neighbours) are set by when your DD goes to sleep.

Our neighbours are working on their house, on a Monday it goes on until 10pm - that's our hard cheese.

pleasethanks Sat 13-Aug-11 20:20:45

I am really surprised so many people think YABU. I have been in the situation and it is infuriating when you cannot get your baby (I guess that is possibly the difference here) to sleep due to noise from neighbours. I think you are reasonable to ask them to watch the noise and explain why.

littlewaltham Sat 13-Aug-11 20:21:44

Lovely family but 3 months of renovations! we have the smallest houses in the world what on earth are they doing in there?!

I have been working from my mothers house during the week but find it hard to compromise on DDs sleep.

God I feel old- before motherhood I would have gone round with a bottle of wine and joined in.

lachesis Sat 13-Aug-11 20:22:22

I'd say, 'Sorry, this is the only time we have to get help in to get this done faster. We'll stop at 9. Bye.' That's still 2 hours before it's actually able to be considered a nuisance.

HermioneRocks Sat 13-Aug-11 20:22:54

YABU 7.30pm is early to be complaining. You can't really expect people to be quiet because of your childs bedtime.

scurryfunge Sat 13-Aug-11 20:23:18

I have always found that children sleep when they are tired whatever the noise and environment.

lachesis Sat 13-Aug-11 20:23:55

She's 4. I've got a 5-year-old who can make it till 9PM no bother. My 2-year-old is still up right now.

We bring up all three in a flat. There's tons of noise all around.

That's how it goes in flats and terraces.

They can sleep through anything now.

MynameisnotEarl Sat 13-Aug-11 20:24:22

It is annoying but at least they're improving their house. This will also improve the value of your own home as it helps to make the neighbourhood look more attractive.

7.30 is not late so YAB a little bit U.

sevensevenseven Sat 13-Aug-11 20:24:56

YANBU. We done some renovations on our house before we moved in, whenever we were working in the evening we only done quiet jobs so as not to annoy the neighbours. It didn't hold us up, we just had to plan our time more effectively.

Sirzy Sat 13-Aug-11 20:26:45


I would never expect my neighbours to change there behaviour when it comes to things like renovations because I have a child!

sevensevenseven Sat 13-Aug-11 20:27:58

I'm surprised by the amount of people saying the OP should keep her DD up until after 9pm.

OP perhaps we're a dying breed of mothers who insist on proper bedtimes.

microserf Sat 13-Aug-11 20:28:51

I completely disagree with the most of previous posters. If it has been going on all day on a saturday, then YANBU. Mainly as I think it's miserable to be expected to live next to this kind of noise 7 days a week including evenings. They could give it a fucking rest on a weekend night.

If it was a one off, then yes, I would say 9pm.

3 months, WTF are they DOING in there? Building an ark???

Flisspaps Sat 13-Aug-11 20:29:07

pleasethanks - DD is 17mo now, and next door have been renovating (what's left to renovate is anyone's guess) since I was about 10 weeks pregnant with her. They'd bang about, drill - whatever, until 10pm on a Monday (and also other nights) and still do.

OP's DD is 4yo, so hardly a baby smile

microserf Sat 13-Aug-11 20:29:41

PS And I would add, it's irrelevant if you have a child or not. It's bloody annoying regardless.

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