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Are these locals control freaky nut jobs?

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VinegarTits Fri 12-Aug-11 17:21:13

i live in a village, have spoke to this couple who live locally in the pub a few times (they are more friendly with my parents who live in the same village) anyway, she is a bit up herself and he is a bit of an old woman, but nice enough

i live alone with my ds who is 5, and we were in the pub one day when he offered to give ds some posters of cars (porsches to be exact, as he works for porsche) ds is not interested in cars in the slightest, would not know what a porsche was if it rolled up and kissed him, also i live in a rented apartment and the landlord is very particular about the walls being damaged (dont blame him as the house is grade 2 listed) so i politely declined his offer and said ds isnt really into cars

next day my dad said this couple had pulled him up later that night and were really upset that i had said no, and they were really offended hmm im not sure what they expected my dad to do about that, but i felt like they had actually gone and snitched on me like i was some idiot child (im 39) so i just thought they were bonkers forgot about it

anyway, fast forward to months later and my dad comes round to my house with some posters that the weird couple gave him, regardless of my declining them in the first place hmm he said they practically forced them on him and said i was to put them up in ds's bedroom (all 5 of the huge fucking things)

now i have to go over and thank them next time i go in the pub, when really i want to shove the things up their idiot noses


spookshowangel Fri 12-Aug-11 17:31:11

to be fair i would have just said yeah thanks that would be great and then binned them, its nice they wanted to give your son something isnt it? forcing them on you is a bit odd though.

How weird.

I wouldn't thank them for the posters now I don't think.

I might have accepted them with thanks the first time they were offered, because I am a wimp just to be polite, and then not put them up.

But you did the much more sensible thing of turning them down politely and it's very weird that they were offended, even more weird that they complained about you to your parents and totally off the weirdness scale that they have then insisted on giving the posters to your Dad anyway with orders that you have to put them up on your walls.


I'd be sorely tempted to return the posters to them the next time you see them with a "thanks for the thought but as I said before, X isn't really into cars and our landlord doesn't allow posters on the walls. Perhaps you know someone else who can use them."

VinegarTits Fri 12-Aug-11 17:41:10

maybe im too honest for my own good

im expecting them to come knocking on my door now to make sure i have put them up

onebatmother Fri 12-Aug-11 17:46:49

They sound like arses. Howevs, in the spirit of 'living in the same village as your parents etc' I might do what takethisone says and also offer them a pride-saving '..or shall we keep them till he's older or I move?'

But really, arses.

VinegarTits Fri 12-Aug-11 17:51:56

i will be thanking them politely, or else i will be the talk of the village! cant shit in this place...

have put the posters away until ds is older 35

unpa1dcar3r Fri 12-Aug-11 17:56:28

Well I think I might say if you expect me to advertise your goods I do at least expect a little commission! wink

There are some mighty strange folk around Vinegar.
It was probably the highlight of his year giving you the crappy things!
Do you have a log burner? They might get it going easily!

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