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To not answer the door to this man?

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BupcakesandCunting Fri 12-Aug-11 10:25:29

Right, just got in the bath and started shaving my legs when the door knocks. I decided to ignore it as I'm not expecting anyone round until one or any parcels etc. Then it knocks again. And again. And again. Loud Gestapo-like knocks. Really didn't want to have to get out of bath wet, get dressed for cold-callers or whatever but obvious they weren't going away, so I wrapped myself in a towel and looked out of my bedroom window. It's the bloody gas meter man again, who I told last week that DH would do the reading as our meter is in the cellar and the cellar is full of decorating stuff, so the reader would probably break his neck in there...

I opened my window (in towel, very attractive wink) and told him that we would do the reading and in any case, I was in the bath. He said "shall I call back when you're ready?" I said "erm, well, I'm not getting out of the bath just for this" and then he said "I'll come back in five minutes!" Now I'm getting a bit huffy. I've only shaved one leg and haven't even washed my hair yet. I said five minutes wasn't enough, so he went "Ten then!" WTF?

I am probably being U, aren't I? But ffs, he knocked my door like ten or twelve times. Wouldn't you just assume that no-one was at home if you got no answer after the second knock? Take the hint!

I reckon he will come back. I don't want to answer the door to him because a) he got me out of my bath and b) I've already told him that my cellar is not accessible!

SuePurblybilt Fri 12-Aug-11 10:28:37

Don't then. If you're not going to let him into the cellar (v impressed that you have a cellar. Vampires or Wine?) then you may as well ignore him.

Did you get out of the bath, one leg still hairy, to ask MN AIBU? grin. Go and finish at once.

reelingintheyears Fri 12-Aug-11 10:28:37

Ignore it if he comes back.

If he keeps on knocking use your very good grasp of the English language to tell him to fuck off ask him to go away.

No explanations required.

BaronessBomburst Fri 12-Aug-11 10:30:55

No, YANBU. And I would be really pissed off too. You've told him it's not convenient. However I'm sure that lots of posters will pile on here and say that he's only doing his job and your meter has to be read etc, but he's a rude PITA and can read it next time!

picnicbasketcase Fri 12-Aug-11 10:32:14

YANBU, I would do the same thing - our meter is in the cellar too, we have to go down and shout the numbers up to the chap because the stairs are dodgy and the cellar is full of junk.

BupcakesandCunting Fri 12-Aug-11 10:32:24

The cellar is like a carboot sale waiting to happen. It's full of shit and the spiders use it as some sort of pontins for spiders sad

Tommy Fri 12-Aug-11 10:33:16

odd that he carried on knocking after no-one answered. You may have been out or physically unable to anwer the door hmm

Thruaglassdarkly Fri 12-Aug-11 10:33:20

Defo ignore him, rude man!

Still bemused by the thought of you typing in a wet towel mid bath on here though...doesn't that kinda defeat the object you were trying to achieve (to have a relaxing bath)?

And how can you possibly go on a public forum with one hairy leg??? Mind you, am typing this with my boobs falling out the top of me nightie and all over me laptop.

sdiurfbbasikdbF;\'O BWB g

Tommy Fri 12-Aug-11 10:33:41

YANBU by the way!

Thruaglassdarkly Fri 12-Aug-11 10:34:02

See? Darn it boobs! Look what you made me do now! wink

PattySimcox Fri 12-Aug-11 10:34:11

Not unreasonable at all - although you have interrupted your bath to post unless you are in the bath posting?

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Fri 12-Aug-11 10:36:04

Just don't answer the door, it's like the phone ringing no law you have to answer

ZZZenAgain Fri 12-Aug-11 10:36:08

why is he coming back if you are doing the reading? What does he want?

You must have looked very tempting hanging outthe window in your towel I reckon

BupcakesandCunting Fri 12-Aug-11 10:37:04

"Did you get out of the bath, one leg still hairy, to ask MN AIBU? . Go and finish at once"


No, I finished my business then posted!

stealthsquiggle Fri 12-Aug-11 10:37:59

on a point of order - are you MNing from the bath?!

stealthsquiggle Fri 12-Aug-11 10:38:17

oops - x-post

ZZZenAgain Fri 12-Aug-11 10:38:30

no she's done the deed but she's wrapped in a towel annoyed

Crazybit Fri 12-Aug-11 10:39:43

Have visions of you laid in bath, one hairy leg hanging out, on mn on your phone! Just ignore him if he comes back. Strange man.

SuePurblybilt Fri 12-Aug-11 10:40:05

Oh good, that would have been new depths of lunacy.

I have a plan. Crouch down behind the door (or indeed stand up if you don't have a spy thingy) and everytime he knocks, knock back.

Meter man: tap tap tap
Meter man: tapatap TAP

He'll get bored eventually grin

ZZZenAgain Fri 12-Aug-11 10:40:10

this man really really wants to read your meter

this is his second trip to your house and he will come back later. He has all the time in the world to get to your meter!

CaptainNancy Fri 12-Aug-11 10:41:55

Am roaring at 'pontins for spiders'!grin

Melly20MummyToPoppy Fri 12-Aug-11 10:42:23

Strange how he kept knocking. hmm yanbu

Birdsgottafly Fri 12-Aug-11 10:43:59

I don't get having to read the meter, anymore, because you cannot 'fiddle' them like you used to , in 'the old days'. Just try to rember it is the company at fault, not him, but tell him that he cannot gain access, don't keep telling him he can come back later.

BupcakesandCunting Fri 12-Aug-11 10:44:23


We are on the sixth knock. Look, mate, just do one please.

ZZZenAgain Fri 12-Aug-11 10:45:20

it is a bit strange

is this just about reading the meter or maybe changing it?

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