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to ask you fashionable m'netters stay bang up to date with trends?

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Bumblequeen Thu 11-Aug-11 11:36:42

I admit I do not buy as many clothes as I would like due to financial circumstances. My budget allows for one or two (cheap) items a month. I buy classic items as I simply cannot keep up with the revolving fashion trends. There are many trends I like but have not purchased: maxi dress, tan bomber jacket, gladiator sandals, all in one jumpsuits, harem pants.

In a nutshell I look nice but in a 'playing it safe' way. I would like to have different looks but unsure how. Are there key pieces I can buy to compliment my wardrobe?

springydaffs Thu 11-Aug-11 12:24:38

But key classic pieces to hold your wardrobe down (no, not the one with the doors, silly). spend good money on some classic pieces. Then buy flighty, cheap pieces to lift the look so you don't end up looking mumsy.

smoggii Thu 11-Aug-11 12:48:04

Maxi dress has been on trend for about 5 years now so is actually a good investment piece.

Other things should only be bought if they suit you whether they are on trend or not. eg I am tall but can't carry off a jumpsuit because I have no real shape to my fat bum so I just look like i'm wearing a nappy.

Casual Hareem pants look quite tidy on me but smart ones look hideous.

Gladiator sandals are also a key piece really as in the summer they look nice whether on trend or not.

I think I'm too old (32) to wear a bomber jacket so I opt for a long biker style instead because it's classic (if a bit 80s) but still a bit edgy.

You could buy trendy shapes in plain colours and dress up with costume jewellery.

I would rather have one or two good trendy pieces than many cheap ones, they never look that good, so are a waste of money as you won't wear them.

Most importantly - style is your own, you wear the clothes don't let them wear you!

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