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send the theiving little fuckers to m,e, I will personally put the noose around their neck!! We are too soft!!!!!!

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myrosynose Thu 11-Aug-11 01:02:48

Right, now I have all you Daily Mail guzzling meatheaded Tunbridgers in one place




MN is not for thick people. There are websites out there for you. Begone.

jasper Thu 11-Aug-11 01:08:13


izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Thu 11-Aug-11 01:10:28

MN is not for thick people Is that a fact? If so, how come you were able to slip through the net?

BTW, what's with the rosy nose? Have you had a few too many wine

myrosynose Thu 11-Aug-11 01:15:30

I don't drink winegrin

it's sunburn

ravenAK Thu 11-Aug-11 01:15:45

grin myrosynose.

GypsyMoth Thu 11-Aug-11 01:17:36

Bit thick to burn your nose wasn't it!?

AgentZigzag Thu 11-Aug-11 01:18:43

Should I laugh or be outraged at your thread?

Does it make me thick not to know?

thecaptaincrocfamily Thu 11-Aug-11 01:20:41

myroseynose people who are unintelligent use words like thick grin and meatheads grin.
If an intelligent person wanted to post the same thing it would look like this........ OK, now I am able to grasp the attention of all those uneducated imbiciles reading the tabloids, why don't you disappear into the oblivion and frequent a less eloquent discussion board where your views can be fully appreciated smile
<< sarcasm is the lowest form of wit!>>

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Thu 11-Aug-11 01:27:18

You don't drink wine? shock No wonder you're overwrought.

Put yogurt on your sunburn and get someone to lick it off - that should be efficacious in calming your troubled mind.

thecaptaincrocfamily Thu 11-Aug-11 01:30:49

so thrilled that the vocabulary has become more suitable to the clientele on this thread smile

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Thu 11-Aug-11 01:33:42

<<ponders founding the Fuck Right Off Party>>

thecaptaincrocfamily Thu 11-Aug-11 01:35:45

mmmm perhaps you could be the first to exemplify the title grin

sundayrose10 Thu 11-Aug-11 02:08:25

I don't know what has happened to MN for the last couple of days. The women on here tend to be a lot more calmer\controlled than what I have seen recently. There must be a lot of name changing going on. OP, I agree.

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Thu 11-Aug-11 02:31:32

Do you mean the OP's send the theiving little fuckers to m,e captain?

Or the inception conception of FROP - the party of the people?

One is related to a virgin birth; the other is verging on insanity grin

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Thu 11-Aug-11 02:35:55

You obviously haven't been reading the same posts as me sunday confused or have you been at the wine too? grin

<<hums "they call me mellow yellow...">>

LolaRennt Thu 11-Aug-11 02:38:11

was hoping for a bun fight. <yawn>

I'll have some [hard liquor emoticon] instead

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Thu 11-Aug-11 02:53:15

D'ya like ya whiskey sour Lola? Or d'ya prefer a lil' ol' southern comfort?wink

LolaRennt Thu 11-Aug-11 02:57:33

I've never had a whiskey sour, I do love a bit of southern comfort though!

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Thu 11-Aug-11 03:31:54

Here's mah lil' ol' southern comfort of choice Lola,r:6,s:15&tx=59&ty=46 grin

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Thu 11-Aug-11 04:43:31

An,' jus' for you, here's mah pa's recipe for whiskey sour:

2 fluid ounces simple syrup*
4 fluid ounces fresh lemon juice (strained)
10 fluid ounces whiskey
An abundance of ice cubes
6 maraschino cherries speared on wooden cocktail sticks

Put syrup, lemon juice & whiskey in a suitable capacity lidded jug, or halve the recipe and use a cocktail shaker. Fill chosen container with ice.

Put lid on jug/shaker (recommended), hold the top and bottom of the container, and make like you're playing maracas for half a minute or until container becomes frosty while swivelling hips and singing the Sway song (when the rumba rhythm starts to call...).

Strain the resultant nectar into 6 martini glasses or 3 tumblers half filled with ice, garnish with a maraschino cherry (or 2), and serve with a flourish.

When serving to company or to impress/spoil family members, dip the rim of the glasses in egg white, sprinkle with caster sugar (US superfine sugar), and leave to dry before making sours.

No whiskey? No problem: use bourbon, brandy, rum, or any spirit with the exception of meths. No lemons? Use limes - tequila sour, mmmm!

*Combine 2 cups water with 2 cups sugar in a large saucepan. Bring to boil and stir continually until sugar has dissolved. Cool the liquid before use. (Pa keeps a gallon jug of simple syrup on the go)

TheFrozenMBJ Thu 11-Aug-11 05:11:23

Whiskey Sour is delicious!! Hmmm... One to have when baby is out.

myrosynose Thu 11-Aug-11 13:14:53

mmmm, whiskey sour <slaver>

thecaptaincrocfamily Thu 11-Aug-11 23:52:55

Mmmm, got me thinking about brandy sours now grin.........<<goes to get the shopping list la la la la la smile>>

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