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to pay my new babysitter......

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macdoodle Wed 10-Aug-11 19:43:40

the same as my old one?
I work one evening shift a week. My children are nearly 10 and 3 and pretty good.
My previous/usual babysitter is a neighbour's 17yr old daughter. She is on holiday this week. I usually pay her £20 for the evening (and an extra fiver if I get home after midnight - usually only by 15mins or so).
I have a lovely girl babysitting tonight (she is a bit older - 20), and the daughter of someone I work with.
Am feeling that £20 is a bit low for her? But if I increase it to say £5/hour plus the extra fiver, it will be closer to £30/£35.
We are in the sticks in Wales so not central London or big city.
Advice please, as am currently in work.

MotherPanda Wed 10-Aug-11 19:48:01

are you wanting to pay minimum wage? if so for a 20yr old that would be £4.92 (wheras the 17 year old rate is £3.64) an hour. you could use that as a guide.

macdoodle Wed 10-Aug-11 19:50:40

Thanks thats helpful, I guess my instincts are right. I will pay this one a bit more. Dont want to annoy my work partner either (her dad) by being stingy.

sazzerbear Wed 10-Aug-11 19:55:00

I think £5ph is fair enough, especially as you work with her dad. Why not drop the extra £5? Also, if she is good you may be able to use her on a regular basis and we all know reliable babysitters are worth their weight in gold!

MotherPanda Wed 10-Aug-11 19:57:15

its tricky with babysitters, but for six hours work i'd say that £25-£30 would be perfectly reasonable, especially as you will probably be providing tea/snacks and all they really have to do is watch tv once everyones tucked into bed.

Make sure you chat to her at the start so you both know what the rate is.

have a good night smile

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