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to ask you what on earth I can do with 4 punnets of white grapes...

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whoneedssleepanyway Tue 09-Aug-11 13:17:53

made a bit of a mistake on my internet food shopping blush.

meant to bring some in to work today to share but forgot and am not in till Fri after today.

we eat a lot of grapes but not that many.....any bright ideas?

squeakytoy Tue 09-Aug-11 13:18:58

Freeze them smile

They will keep for ages, and they make great ice cubes, or just a good little snack too.. Icy grapes are lovely.

squeakytoy Tue 09-Aug-11 13:19:36

Meant to add, split them up a bit and put them in little bags of a dozen each or so.

Callisto Tue 09-Aug-11 13:19:41


peppapighastakenovermylife Tue 09-Aug-11 13:20:08

Yep - learn to make wine grin

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Tue 09-Aug-11 13:31:05

Juice them? Maybe with a couple of kiwi fruit or carrots/apples?

Tread on them - and turn them into vino grin

Make grape jelly - it's declicious in peanut butter sandwiches.

Halve and pip them and use them as decoration for a cheesecake or iced sponge, or to make little grape tarts or trifle.

Fillet of sole with white grapes is a classic dish, and grapes go well with other fish too.

Blue cheese, grape, and onion tart - serve with a salad.

Let your imagination run riot or browse the net for specific recipes.

notso Tue 09-Aug-11 13:32:12

Give them to Stu Francis?

bigbadbarry Tue 09-Aug-11 13:33:27

Just leave them on the side near my children, they will disappear in about 40 seconds flat ;)

LadyClariceCannockMonty Tue 09-Aug-11 13:53:23

Agree with freeze them or juice/blend them for smoothies.

northerngirl41 Tue 09-Aug-11 13:57:45

Chop them in half, smother in whipped double cream, sprinkle with brown sugar and stick under the grill to make an oh-so-lovely cheat's creme brule.

blackeyedsusan Tue 09-Aug-11 13:58:21

what a waste notso, he would only crush them.

whoneedssleepanyway Tue 09-Aug-11 14:04:28

What great ideas...!!!

Think i will freeze a punnet in small bags and make some juice/ smoothies with the rest...

LadyClariceCannockMonty Tue 09-Aug-11 14:05:01

I'm coming over for a smoothie! Put some kiwi and ginger in mine. Ta. wink

Laquitar Tue 09-Aug-11 14:07:25

Am i the only one who feels like a pig whith threads like this one?

4 punnets of grapes in this house wouldn't be a problem, they would go in 2 days .

notso Tue 09-Aug-11 14:07:56

grin @ blackeyedsusan.

HellonHeels Tue 09-Aug-11 16:29:56

I could down a punnet or two of grapes in a day no problem blush That is why I'm fat though.

RedBlanket Tue 09-Aug-11 16:33:23

My DCs would have scoffed the lot within a day!

rogersmellyonthetelly Tue 09-Aug-11 16:37:54

Eat them all and then spend the next 2 days sitting on the toilet. I can't resist grapes, but I always regret it later blush

LineRunner Tue 09-Aug-11 16:38:01

Delia did that ghastly recipe with grapes and tarragon stuffed into a chicken.

I'm hoping you're a vegetarian.

LollipopViolet Tue 09-Aug-11 16:39:39

Make wine smile

Or grape juice if you prefer smile

Numberfour Tue 09-Aug-11 16:43:30

I once ordered 7kg of pears and 7kg of courgettes. I had intended to order 7 items.....................Friends and family had to share in the bounty smile

worraliberty Tue 09-Aug-11 16:45:36

Bit late now but you can refuse them on the doorstep and they'll refund you.

HedleyLamarr Tue 09-Aug-11 16:47:47

Take them to the supermarket and eat them whilst you walk around. wink

Fifis25StottieCakes Tue 09-Aug-11 16:50:49

grape surpise anyone

desserts sorted grin

Alibabaandthe80nappies Tue 09-Aug-11 16:53:21

Laquitar we could polish 4 punnets off in a couple of days, no problem. DS1 on his own would eat the lot if allowed to smile

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