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to wonder about the post-riot future of the police Op Trident?

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EdithWeston Mon 08-Aug-11 07:36:07

Two newspapers have front page stories about the IPCC investigation, and are - ahead of actual facts - already critical of the police's account of its actions, and the actions themselves.

The IPCC has said it will be examining all circumstances - and that includes all decisions about the operation which led to the stopping of the minicab.

That was an Operation Trident operation. Specialist officers with SO19 (?firearms unit, anyway) support.

On one hand, there is widespread commentary about disaffected communities and alienation from the police being factors in this rioting.

But up until this incident, I had thought Operation Trident - which is very active across London - was a triumph of community policing, and had widespread community support, and popular calls for it to be extended.

I would be really interested in views - especially from Londoners, and especially anyone whose community has been touched by Op Trident since it began in 1998.

Had I formed the right impression of the reputation of this operation? Should it continue? Or are my views completely misplaced? If so what exactly had I got wrong, and what has really been happening? And what (if anything) should have been done instead/differently?

EdithWeston Mon 08-Aug-11 12:09:20

From another thread: "It probably is a fact that young black males are targeted more than young white males for stop and search etc"

Well it is a fact that the initial attempt to make an arrest was part of Operation Trident, and that specifically targets black gun crime.

Should the Trident be halted?

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 08-Aug-11 12:29:05

No, Trident shouldn't be halted. The fatal shooting needs to be investigated thoroughly. There may have been mistakes made or it may have been 100% justified. We won't know either way until it has been examined. If mistakes were made there need to be apologies, redress and adjustments to police practice in future. If they are vindicated, there may still be lessons to be learned about the speed with which families are given information.

Trident also needs to continute because the underlying problem - that of a gang and drug culture that leaves a trail of dead bodies in its wake - has not gone away. It's a tragedy that so many of those dead bodies are young, male and black. As members of our society they deserve our protection just as much as anyone else. I think it would be unforgiveable to walk away ... because that's exactly what the gangs want. Make parts of London no-go areas where they decide who lives and who dies.

evenlessnarkypuffin Mon 08-Aug-11 13:57:17

Surely it's not Operation Trident that needs looking at, it's SO19? Not that anything will come of it. It sounds like the man who was shot was in possession of a firearm, and they've managed to avoid any action being taken when they shot and killed a man carrying a chair leg.

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