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to not understand how being angry over someone being shot makes you burn someone unrelateds home?

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nojustificationneeded Sun 07-Aug-11 21:30:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

worraliberty Sun 07-Aug-11 21:34:37

Well rioters are not exactly the brightest of people

Mitmoo Sun 07-Aug-11 21:36:42

They are thugs and morons who are out for violence for violence sake.

There are no excuses for making innocent people homeless, causing innocent people to lose everythng they have ever owned, their childhood photos, the food they eat, the suites they sat on. They are probably not even insured as many insurances don't cover civil unrest.

Bunch of............ I can't even use the language.

strandednomore Sun 07-Aug-11 21:37:12

Mob mentality. I guess it's a bit like mass hysteria. People feel like they can get away with doing things they normally wouldn't. I don't think people are very in control.

southeastastra Sun 07-Aug-11 21:37:34

you are talking about it now and hearing their points

THAT'S the point

griphook Sun 07-Aug-11 21:39:24

interesting though that JD sports was looted, but boots next door seemed to be un touched!

squeakytoy Sun 07-Aug-11 21:41:28

They are scum. Pure and simple scum.

They think the world owes them, and they have no respect at all for any sort of authority.

It sickened me to watch the news this morning.

FabbyChic Sun 07-Aug-11 21:41:36

Someone was just talking to me about this I find it tragic that a man and his girlfriend and young baby now have no home, and he cannot get to work because his van was set on fire. Where was the police, it was a Saturday night in London they should have called for reinforcements from other forces. It's disgusting that it was all allowed to happen. Not everybody has house contents insurance, I don't, that poor couple have lost everything and their livlihood.

DogsBestFriend Sun 07-Aug-11 21:41:42


nojustificationneeded Sun 07-Aug-11 21:52:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bubblesincoffee Sun 07-Aug-11 21:57:58

Southeastastra, what points?

Whatever points they have does not justify what they did, and actually harms their cause.

They are scum, and there is no way on earth they can justify what they have done.

EdithWeston Sun 07-Aug-11 22:02:41

Mark Duggan's family have stated that they utterly condemn the rioting, and do not want him linked with it in any way.

So such actions are completely disrespectful towards the bereaved family, and devastating to those who are losing their homes and businesses.

TheBride Sun 07-Aug-11 22:08:02

they dont give a fuck that someone got shot. They just want to nick a playstation. In fact they are probably secretly glad someone got shot to give them an excuse to kick shit out of the police, nick and burn stuff.

tiddlerslate Sun 07-Aug-11 22:53:33

I live in wood green but was at my mum's last night with the dc's. Am very glad I was. On wood green high street there is barely a shop undamaged. Many local shop keepers further down have got themselves ready to defend their shops. I have never seen anything like it and it is very frightening and sad for the community. Can't think beyond that at the moment.

onepieceofcremeegg Sun 07-Aug-11 22:56:28

tiddlerslate how frightening for you, thank goodness you were with your mum.
Desperately awful situation.

catgirl1976 Sun 07-Aug-11 22:58:04

YANBU. The rioters have no justification for thier actions.

AmberLeaf Mon 08-Aug-11 12:04:49

Disgraceful behavior.

I know that lots [if not all?] insurance policies have a 'civil unrest' get out clause, so even if those families had contents insurance they wont get a penny?

chasingthedevils Mon 08-Aug-11 16:50:29

It was originally a mourning session in front of a police station. The problem was the police would not give the pparents any details. (That may well be changed)

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