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In thinking my mobile company are being muppets?

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Sarsaparilllla Sun 07-Aug-11 17:04:43

I'm so irritated! I left my old job last week where I'd had a company mobile, they gave me the PAC code for the number so I could keep it.

I had a spare phone at home so got a pay as you go sim from the same network (I want to get a contract eventually but don't want to bother with it right now)

I just called them to swap my number over and they reckon they can't do it because it's the same network confused but surely if you get a new phone with the same network that's exactly what they do?

I'd rather stay with them tbh because DP is with them - surely they're being daft?

AIBU to think if I ring them again tomorrow in normal office hours and see if I can get a more sensible answer?

Tee2072 Sun 07-Aug-11 17:08:41

Yeah. That makes no sense. What do they do if someone's SIM breaks or something?!?!

I would definitely ring tomorrow.

bananasplitz Sun 07-Aug-11 17:11:00

no cant do it on same network

SuchProspects Sun 07-Aug-11 17:13:11

I had my number swapped from one sim to another with O2. It was unreasonably complicated but they did it happily. Definitely try ringing in the week - Sundays are probably not staffed by as many senior/long time people as week days.

bruffin Sun 07-Aug-11 17:13:23

"but surely if you get a new phone with the same network that's exactly what they do? "

No not necesarily, you just swap your sim card over. When I had a phone stolen so lost my Sim they just sent me a new sim card with the same number.

Sarsaparilllla Sun 07-Aug-11 17:13:40

Surely they want to keep the business though? I said to the woman I want to stay with them and she's telling me I have to go with another provider, how ridiculous

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