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To ask you to give an opinion on this dress for my Wedding?

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Burningcandlesatbothends Sun 07-Aug-11 16:23:00

I am mid to late 20's.About 5'4 and size 10-12.I'm doing 'a runner' with my man.Noone will be there apart from 2 randon witnesses off the street!
I have dc and live middle of nowhere,unable to get to shops to need to order online!
I will look silly in a huge dress but want something that I can wear again.
I was thinking of getting an organza shawl or faux fur bolero to go over to look less skimpy.

Please be honest!Btw I know wedding threads are nauseating so I apologise in advance!


Mitmoo Sun 07-Aug-11 16:24:29

Stunning! Enjoy your day.

sue52 Sun 07-Aug-11 16:25:31

Beautiful dress.

Imnotaslimjim Sun 07-Aug-11 16:26:00

I think its a beautiful dress, but you will have to have a lot of body confidence to pull it off. If you think you can wear it, then go for it! I hope you have a lovely day

bellavita Sun 07-Aug-11 16:26:16

To carry something off like that I think you need to be at least 5ft 9 and very willowy and slim.

It is a lovely dress, but I think if you are going to wear a shawl or bolero it kind of defeats the object of the dress.

Gissabreak Sun 07-Aug-11 16:26:35

Message withdrawn

StrandedBear Sun 07-Aug-11 16:27:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CelticStarlight Sun 07-Aug-11 16:27:31

I don't like the the fact it is completely backless. The front is nice though.

Lilyloo Sun 07-Aug-11 16:29:55

I think a little skimpy although doesn't look quite as bum skimming on some of the others wearing it. Would agree that you would have to be pretty tall to get away with it though.

emsyj Sun 07-Aug-11 16:30:07

You will need Body Ultimo to wear it, but it's ok. If you like it and feel good in it then that's all that matters.

catwithflowers Sun 07-Aug-11 16:30:26

I honestly think you would have to have the figure of a supermodel for it to look stunning. I also think that personally, I would go down the sexy but a little less revealing route for a wedding but hey, each to their own! It is certainly beautiful and maybe you have the panache and confidence to carry it off!

Have a beautiful wedding smile

pranma Sun 07-Aug-11 16:30:31

Gorgeous....if you have a perfect back smile

ZillionChocolate Sun 07-Aug-11 16:32:49

I think a bolero might look a little odd as your lower back would still be uncovered, prepared to be corrected.

I think it's a stunning dress and would look great with the right body/clever underwear.

worraliberty Sun 07-Aug-11 16:34:04

Absolutely stunning!

Have you thought about underwear? I'm not sure what would/wouldn't show underneath.

catgirl1976 Sun 07-Aug-11 16:34:12

Lovely - although I think it does need the shawl or bolero and a gorgeous back but it sounds like you can tick both those boxes smile

Have a lovely wedding.

80sMum Sun 07-Aug-11 16:35:04

Hmm, it looks very 'unforgiving.' You'd need a body like Pippa Middleton's to be able to pull it off, I think. A touch too revealing and 'night-dressy' for a wedding dress imho.

worraliberty Sun 07-Aug-11 16:35:22

My back would let me down cos it's covered in moles sad

queenmaeve Sun 07-Aug-11 16:35:24

It is a beautiful dress.but I think it isnt a good idea to order online. You really need to try this on. Or can it be returned. My sister had something similar in mind, it was a jenny packham dress. But when she tried it on it showed up every bump. She is an 8. Also a bolero would not look right as it only stops at the shoulders and you would still have a bit of back on show. I think it would ruin the look.

scottishmummy Sun 07-Aug-11 16:35:49

beautiful dress.congratulations

catgirl1976 Sun 07-Aug-11 16:35:51

If you get put off it for any reason (and I don't think you should), Coast have some lovely dresses around the same price which would meet your criteria of being able to be worn again, and being able to order on-line, like this one:

emsyj Sun 07-Aug-11 16:36:09

When is the wedding? Is this the sort of dress you would normally wear? Do you really think you'll wear it again? I can't imagine many occasions when you would wear this sort of dress tbh - but maybe it's just your style and you already have a dozen engagements lined up for which it will be just the thing!

I would get a babysitter for the day and go and try on some dresses (wedding or otherwise). You really can't tell until you try on.

redglow Sun 07-Aug-11 16:37:40

lovely pretty dress. Good luck.

belgo Sun 07-Aug-11 16:38:47

Agree, if you have the confidence to wear it, then go for it.

Carrotsandcelery Sun 07-Aug-11 16:38:57

I think it is stunning.

You do realise you will not be able to wear any underwear at all underneath it!!??

You may have to remove all dark hair from down below too incase it shines through shock

You will also have to find out how long it is in the body as the back is very very low and you don't want it to actually show "anything" if your back is not long enough.

I hope you have a fantastic wedding. What a brilliant way to do it!

Thumbwitch Sun 07-Aug-11 16:40:41

Is rather beautiful envy and <sigh>
Go for an organza wrap if you can find one.
Congratulations - have a lovely "runner" of a wedding grin

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