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Jo Frost portion sizes.

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york0 Sun 07-Aug-11 15:13:32

I am in shock that a quarter of a mini pizza is considered a portion size for a n 8 year old child. My 4 year could eat a whole one easily and is not overweight. Obv know pizza is a treat and doesn't have it all the time.

TheMonster Sun 07-Aug-11 15:14:10


reallytired Sun 07-Aug-11 15:15:07

Quarter of a pizza is fine for my nine year old. He has plenty of salad on his plate as well.

Prehaps it depends on the size of the pizza.

york0 Sun 07-Aug-11 15:18:09

The pizza she seemed to be showing were the Chicago Town mini ones.

Shinyshoes1 Sun 07-Aug-11 15:18:53

1/4 of a mini pizza isn't sufficient IMO

Sirzy Sun 07-Aug-11 15:20:07

The pizza she showed was a tiny one and I was shocked such a small one was considered enough for an 8 year old to be honest.

That said, I am never sure what classes as the right size portion for ds!

StrandedBear Sun 07-Aug-11 15:20:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

worraliberty Sun 07-Aug-11 15:21:19

I take it the child had other things with the pizza?

Sirzy Sun 07-Aug-11 15:22:09

She didn't say that did she stranded? (may have missed that bit but didn't think I had!) although I agree it would be enough then!

worraliberty Sun 07-Aug-11 15:23:16

Ahh that makes sense StrandedBear

In that case 1/4 of a mini pizza is fine

No different to having 1 burger or 1 sausage with other things on the plate.

Also, some families insist on having 'pudding' too so it's difficult to judge purely from the OP.

StrandedBear Sun 07-Aug-11 15:23:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

treas Sun 07-Aug-11 15:24:19

My dc 11 and 8 would eat a large home-made pizza between them with a side salad.

This doesn't bother me as both are active and both know their own limits when it comes to food intake (they stop when they are full and will refuse puddings etc.)

york0 Sun 07-Aug-11 15:24:28

I also understood it to be on its own. Not really clear in programme I guess.

Oblomov Sun 07-Aug-11 15:25:13

why shouldn't we be feeding kids Pizza stranded ?
I think we should encourage our children to eat all foodstuffs.

worraliberty Sun 07-Aug-11 15:26:08

My kids would also eat a large home-made pizza if they were allowed...but no bloody way would I let them.

And it's not all about weight, it's about health and self discipline too.

tiredgranny Sun 07-Aug-11 15:27:10

their stomach is only as big as clenched fist so with salad or veg sufficient
york might not be overwight now but in the future could be stomach stretching to eat more

biddysmama Sun 07-Aug-11 15:28:03

how do you teach self discipline by limiting how much they eat? honest question, not having a go btw

valiumredhead Sun 07-Aug-11 15:29:28

She was using it as an example of just how calorific pizza is iirc and how easy it is to over eat.

worraliberty Sun 07-Aug-11 15:31:12

how do you teach self discipline by limiting how much they eat? honest question, not having a go btw

It's not about limiting how much they's about balancing the not so healthy food with the healthy food.

So say my kids tell me they love pizza so much they want to eat an entire one on their own, I'll tell them no...they must balance a lesser amount with healthy food like salad or something else.

They'll never go hungry, they'll just learn not to pig out.

Kind of like being allowed one slice of cake but not the entire thing.

catgirl1976 Sun 07-Aug-11 15:32:09

Agree with valium - she wasn't saying a 1/4 of this pizza is a good meal for your child - she was making the point the 1/4 of that pizza contains the reccomended limit of fat etc for your child and therefore you should not be feeding your children chicago town pizzas are they have no nutritonal value and just one would be 4 times more fat and salt than they should be having and unlikely to fill them up.

Fine as an occasional treat - not fine as a regular meal.

rubyrubyruby Sun 07-Aug-11 15:36:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

worraliberty Sun 07-Aug-11 15:39:50

What does her figure have to do with her recommendations on pizza portions for children?

Clothilde Sun 07-Aug-11 15:39:55

I don't see what is so terrible about a home-made pizza. The ingredients are the same as for a cheese and tomato sandwich with a side-salad, which most people would consider a reasonably healthy meal.

tesco1 Sun 07-Aug-11 15:40:53

I can understand that feeding a child that type of pizza should not be a regular occurrance as it is very high fat and high salt. But does cheese really have no nutritional value? I normally would make a large home made pizza for the whole family to share but each child would probably have a serving bigger than a quarter of a chichago town sized one and quite rightly serve as part of a balanced meal with salad but not potatoes aswell.

catgirl1976 Sun 07-Aug-11 15:41:38

It wasn't a home made pizza - it was a highly processed Chicago Town one.

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