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To want to complain to head office..

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Honeypie80 Sun 07-Aug-11 08:04:08

Had the unfortunate experience of visiting a beefeater restaurant last night with my family (stepdad and his partner, my partner and also my brother) for my stepdads birthday.

From the start this weedy looking manager approached us and was quite blatantly staring down my top as he was taking our name. while we waited everyone made a joke of it but i was quite disturbed to think he would do that in front of family. He then came to get us to show us to the table, there meant to come over and say thanks for waiting let me show you to the table, but nothing, just a series of small grunts then he wandered of so we followed him anyway. still staring at me as he handed the menu.

we then ordered anyway, everything going kind of ok up until the point we all got our starters apart from my dp, after asking for what seemed like forever a different waitress comes over and says im sorry were all out of the fish you ordered, it was the last 1 and the chef burnt it but everyone felt ashamed coming to tell you so they volunteered me! (yep those were the actual words). he told them to leave it as we'd all finished anyway so asked them to bring the mains out, my chicken was black on 1 side (obviously the side they had hidden) and was rock hard, my stepdad also had what can only be described as soil in his salad as it hadn't been washed, so we complained and sent them back. they have an open kitchen bit where you can watch the chefs working away, they were obviously having a playfight with the waiters and while i appreciate having fun in the workplace, i think that the waiter stealing a chip of a plate to throw at the chef is a bit much, this was followed by the chef putting the receipt onto the plate and the waiter continued to try to blow the receipt back at him, blowing all over someones plate of food in the process.

We called over the manager to tell him not to bother bringing the burnt chicken back to me as i wouldn't be eating now, instead i was happy to finish my drink while everyone else finished, instead of getting an apology i got a mumbled sentence and perved at again. If id of had them hanging out then fine, but i was with my family and generally don't make a habit of wearing my boobs right out when dining with other family members. Ive never had such a horrendous meal, and the fact that it was a birthday meal out made it worse that people can run a restaurant like this... I told my family we should complain but they all told me to leave it whats done is done. I personally dont think they should be allowed to behave in this manner, we still paid for the meal as my stepdad didnt want to cause a scene, if it had of been me i would of refused. the blowing on the food though was the final straw for me and i couldn't eat anything in there after seeing that..

cookcleanerchaufferetc Sun 07-Aug-11 08:07:59

Do write to head office. I hope you noted the names of staff as that will help. Dreadful service, I hope you didn't tip!

Mitmoo Sun 07-Aug-11 08:09:24

Write to the head office you will probably get a free meal for all of you at a different Beefeater. Don't tell the family until the outcome, it will then come as a nice surprise if they treat you as they should.

Honeypie80 Sun 07-Aug-11 08:14:26

The only tip i felt like leaving was how to write a decent CV when they all loose there jobs for being so crap! I could understand 1 or 2 having an off night, but the whole place felt like the couldn't be bothered to be there

catsareevil Sun 07-Aug-11 08:23:40

Paying for the meal in the first place was probably a mistake, it wouldnt have necessarliy caused a scene. If you have good cause to complain restaurants are usually fairly quick to delete things from the bill.

Mitmoo Sun 07-Aug-11 08:29:12

The manager isnt in control if he was the place would run like clockwork. There was no point in complaining to the lecherous idiot, you would have been complaining about the idiot to the idiot.

KAZAMM Sun 07-Aug-11 09:40:50

I would write to head office and I reckon if the service is that bad then they will have had others complaining too. You'll probably get vouchers for a free meal which you could use at another beefeaters.

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