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Would IBU to hide all of DH's summer clothes?

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CinnabarRed Sat 06-Aug-11 17:26:05

Background: 34 weeks pregnant with DC3; neither DS1 nor DS2 sleep well; everything aches; I'm finding this humid heat unbearable.

If DH tells me one more time that it's not that hot, it's only me and please could he shut the window one more time I'm going to hide all of his shorts and t-shirts in the attic. Because IF YOU'RE CHILLY THEN YOU CAN PUT A JUMPER ON, YOU FECKER. But I'm already stripped off down to my undies, with a fan on full blast and having had a cold shower, and I still feel like molten lava.

AgentZigzag Sat 06-Aug-11 17:34:39

I was so glad I had both mine in mid winter because I just radiated heat.

He's right in that it is just you, but I agree he should put on more clothes if he's cold.

Get him to make himself useful and go and get you ice cream/lollies smile

CinnabarRed Sat 06-Aug-11 17:46:20

Oh, I do know it's just me - but oddly, that doesn't make me feel any better! And certainly no cooler.

It's just that I have nowhere left to go when it comes to getting cool. Whereas he has multiple warming-up options. TBF he's very sympathetic about virtually every other aspect of being pregnant - it's just this one thing. We have very similar conversations each winter, whether I'm pregnant or not, where he wants the central heating turned up and I don't.

I just wish he could feel the way I feel for half an hour or so!

On a brighter note, DS1 excelled himself at football today. When coach asked the class if they knew what dribbling is, he yelled out "it's like snot"! Yes it is, DS1, yes it is.

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