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to consider a 90 mile round trip to go swimming?

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tyler80 Sat 06-Aug-11 16:44:23

An old whiplash injury has come back to haunt me and from experience I know that swimming is the only thing that sorts it out. I can't find a single pool in this area that's open past 4pm on a Saturday - i've checked the timetables of the closes 10 or so to me. Would I be unreasonable to drive 45 miles to a pool that is open?

FabbyChic Sat 06-Aug-11 16:46:26

If you are going to swim for two hours why not?

Sparklegeek Sat 06-Aug-11 16:47:10

But will the drive there & back exacerbate the injury?

startail Sat 06-Aug-11 16:51:27

No good coming here all parties at that time.
As children we had to go 100 mile round trip to swim and go to Tescos 120 for Sainsburys grin
Go for it and enjoy, I get a bad back and swimming really helps,

tyler80 Sat 06-Aug-11 16:51:48

Driving can make it worse (basically anything that involves sitting still isn't good) but maybe not enough to cancel out the benefit from swimming.

carocaro Sat 06-Aug-11 16:53:02

Go, think of all the peace and quiet you can have on the journey!

flyingspaghettimonster Sat 06-Aug-11 17:20:32

makes sense to me... we travel 30 minutes to the pool we like best several times a week, and it isn't even like we don't have a choice of closer pools...

Littlefish Sat 06-Aug-11 17:25:08

Do you have any hotels near you with a health club attached? They tend to stay open later. Could you afford a few months membership? The gyms near us are desperate for members and are therefore willing to accept people on a short term basis, or offer deals on their usual prices.

Once you work out the cost of petrol, it might be nearly the same.

tyler80 Sat 06-Aug-11 17:31:04

Most hotel pools tend to be 20m or less which is a waste of time imo, gym pools tend to be the same.

Think David Lloyd has a 25m pool and they do offer 3 months membership but no idea how much that costs, not even ball park figures.

When I've looked in the past it tends to be really expensive as you get everything, I only need the swimming bit. The local pools do swim only deals but their opening times are so restricted it's hard to make full use of the unlimited aspect.

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