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to not want to go out every single day??

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doublechocchip Fri 05-Aug-11 15:13:55

Every day my children ask as soon as they get up (4 and 3) "what are we doing today?" "Where are we going?" If I dont tell them a plan theres tantrums (well from my 4year old dd there is anyway).

We live in an ex council house so have quite a lot of living space, there is a big living/dining room that has been knocked through, a big conservatory which is used as a playroom and they have a bedroom each which are both the size of double bedrooms so we are not cramped. We have a smallish garden but as long as its dry we leave the back door open and they can wander in and out as they please.

My question is am I being unreasonable by just not wanting to go out some days and think being at home is enough or am I denying them 'getting out and about'. This week for example we have been for lunch at a friends with a lot of their little friends, been for tea at oh's aunty/uncles, to a pub with a big play area outside for them, taken them to a cafe and shopping then yesterday while I was at work my mum and sister took them to a local farm, mcdonalds, the woods and the library and this is all since monday! I think this is a good week and they should be happy about staying in the odd day, what do everyone elses children do?

I let them watch tv, they have constant access to colouring/craft activities (keep them on the dining room table during the day) and we play things like hide and seek, orchard board games, we bake and I read to them so its not like theyre dumped in front of the telly. They are pretty good at playing together made up games as well so I just find it sooo annoying the constant asking. AIBU?

chicletteeth Fri 05-Aug-11 15:16:17

YANBU for not wanting to go out everyday.
YABU for taking them out everyday (as you seem to have been doing) and then wondering why they expect it.

milkshakejake Fri 05-Aug-11 15:18:13

Exactly - they have been taken out a lot this week and have come to expect it. Ignore the tantrums and explain that you can't go out every day, and today we are having a quiet day at home which will be FUN!

RubyFakeNails Fri 05-Aug-11 15:21:14

YANBU at all that sounds a busy few days, they probably are just having such a good time at the outings they want to go again. Maybe just think of something to do in the house on the days your in. So when they wake up you can say " no today we're ....(watching certain dvd, making cakes etc) but tomorrow we're going to bla bla bla". Or if there is somewhere local like a park or library just go there for an hour to pacify them.

AlwaysHoping Fri 05-Aug-11 15:25:40

Youre going to have to Put your foot down. Yanbu

Meglet Fri 05-Aug-11 15:27:28

YANBU. As much as I loathe being cooped up with the kids (I usually end up crying on the phone to my mum) I try and have a couple of days at home a month. It seems to do them good just pottering, messing about in the garden and watching tv.

startail Fri 05-Aug-11 15:35:42

UANBU they need to learn to entertain themselves in their own space. My DD2 (now 10) has always needed reminding that there is a middle way between going out and and mouldering in front of a screen. She's bossing play-mobile about at the moment.
DD1 is away, but she's better because she'll read, sew or paint as well as stare at a screen.

doublechocchip Fri 05-Aug-11 15:38:06

We have had a busy week this week and we tend to at least try and have a day in every week/10days or so especially after a run of busy days like the last few! It just annoys oh and me a great deal as we feel we cant win, either we try and stay in a couple of days and everyone gets cooped up/annoyed with each other or we take them out to places (and ones that often are free/dont cost much) and they come to expect it and whine they want to go out. I dont know, its hard!

valiumredhead Fri 05-Aug-11 15:42:18

I think at 3 and 4 you need to be getting out for a walk or the park every day, but I understand how hard it is to do somedays.

I always took ds out when he was little even in the pouring rain - we just put on wellies and macs. If I didn't he would've been climbing the walls.

We got up, went out early then spent the afternoons at home.

LadyThumb Fri 05-Aug-11 16:30:00

You say you have a small garden - is there a sandpit, and waterplay? That might keep them occupied for a while.

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