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To dearly wish my baby and toddler could both be happy at the same time?

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NotAnotherNewNappy Fri 05-Aug-11 13:16:11

This morning DD1 (3yo) and I had a great time making fairy cakes but DD2 (16wks) was distraught at the lack of attention (she has a cold, is teething and didn?t sleep much last night). Now DD2 is sleeping blissfully in her cot but DD1 is bored, she keeps screaming and running into the bedroom and trying to wake DD2 up so we can go to the playground.

I can?t face going out as DD2 hates her buggy and wails inconsolably while old dears make cat?s bum mouths at me for ignoring her pleas to be picked up. The only time they are both happy is when they?re in the bath and that?s hours away.

How to cope? I have a whole weekend of this as DH is away.

MissPenteuth Fri 05-Aug-11 13:20:13

Have you tried DD2 in a sling? I know they work really well for a lot of people, might be an option for taking the DCs out if DD2 isn't keen on her pram.

SmethwickBelle Fri 05-Aug-11 13:28:29

What has worked for us over the last 20 months is that I do the special one-on-one thing (cooking etc.) with the three year old when the baby is napping or has gone down in the evening, (if there is an hour or two between bedtimes).

My 4 year old anticipates this, it can be used as bribery (or a sanction) knows when his brother naps that is when he can choose the activity and I give him my undivided attention for that hour or two. If he's been eveso good we'll get ALL the lego out at that time, if he's been naughty then it won't be the lego wink.

The rest of the day may be chaos with differing wants and needs but it makes for a bit of balance. My youngest will get lots of one on one when his brother starts school this year.

It is a bit of a juggle with the two. Hope your weekend passes smoothly.

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