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to ask MN to wish us luck for today.

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altinkum Fri 05-Aug-11 09:14:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bagelmonkey Fri 05-Aug-11 09:19:30

Good luck

FriggFRIGG Fri 05-Aug-11 09:19:42

Good Luck! smile

PatsyPlusOne Fri 05-Aug-11 09:20:21

Good luck!

ToothlesstheDragon Fri 05-Aug-11 09:23:34

good luck!

chimchar Fri 05-Aug-11 09:25:08

yanbu. good luck...hope things go well today x

altinkum Fri 05-Aug-11 09:32:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EightiesChick Fri 05-Aug-11 09:36:56

Good luck and vibes to make the best decision possible.

animula Fri 05-Aug-11 09:44:01

Good luck. At the risk of sounding trite about something that sounds so hard: whatever the outcome, remember that you have chosen with love and hope, wanting the best outcome, choosing for that with all the information you have now - it's all anyone can do. I truly hope that your decision will take you to a good place. xx

MissPenteuth Fri 05-Aug-11 09:44:39

Good luck x

5inthebed Fri 05-Aug-11 09:45:07

Good luck x

BeerTricksPotter Fri 05-Aug-11 09:45:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HerHissyness Fri 05-Aug-11 09:46:33

Whatever decision you make, will be the right one for you. Hugs and lots of love, thinking of you.

altinkum Fri 05-Aug-11 09:53:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BrigadeOfLannisters Fri 05-Aug-11 09:55:25

All the best smile

MumblingRagDoll Fri 05-Aug-11 10:01:55

Good luck with your choices...nobody can know the right answer beter than're the qualified people.

emmanumber3 Fri 05-Aug-11 10:02:57

All the best of luck. Whatever decision you make will be the right one, because you'll have made it for the right reasons. xxx

animula Fri 05-Aug-11 10:03:24

That does sound incredibly hard. It's hard because it's weighed on both sides with (different) positives and negatives (for him, and you as caring parents) - not because there's an obvious answer that you are selfishly ignoring, though.

G.A and intensive procedures are hard on a child - physically and emotionally. Going through childhood with scarring is also hard. I doubt either are "forgettable". It's a genuinely difficult decision - not just you being selfish.

Will the hospital be helping you reach a decision? I'm guessing for something like this they discuss possible outcomes quite a bit.

GlitterySkulls Fri 05-Aug-11 10:04:46

good luck smile

kickassmunkiii Fri 05-Aug-11 10:05:47

Good luck- sending you strength.

altinkum Fri 05-Aug-11 10:07:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SarahStratton Fri 05-Aug-11 10:07:42

Good luck altinkum smile

ohfuschia Fri 05-Aug-11 10:08:14

Good luck with today's appointment, wish you and your little boy all the best.

TrillianAstra Fri 05-Aug-11 10:09:06

Good luck, I hope that whichever decision you make works out well for you.

Laquitar Fri 05-Aug-11 10:10:12

Best of luck and positive vibes x

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