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Men' sense of entitlement when sick...

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BlingLoving Fri 05-Aug-11 06:56:54

DH has hurt his leg. Clearly he is in lots of pain and I feel for him. But IABU to be a nit pissed off with his entire attitude. Last night he growled at me that he would not be getting up with DS (10 weeks) in the night and I would "just have to do it". Then this morning, with me having had v little sleep as DS was refluxy so I had to hold him upright, at 6am, as it's time for his next feed DH stomps out of the bedroom saying, "I can't do anything with the baby today, you will just have to do it yourself".

Of course I will do it and cover for him when necessary but it really annoys me that he doesn't even realise I am affected too and that a simple Thank you would go a long way.

It also just shows that he sees ds as my responsibility and he just "helps" me si can withdraw that help whenever he wants.

I do most night time feeds and waking up as it is. I am on mat leaves have baby all day so I take on the bulk of the responsibility naturally but I still don't understand why he gets to decree he is not doing anything while I have to ask and apologise and negotiate when I need s break.

BalloonSlayer Fri 05-Aug-11 08:17:31

It's difficult to adapt my strategy for a hurt leg, but on the odd occasion my DH has had something really bad, and has claimed to be able to do NOTHING for himself or anyone else, I have said:

"OK, but I want you to understand that if I catch this bug/cold off you, I EXPECT you to take annual leave from work to look after the children, because if you are incapable of doing anything, then so will I be."

It usually works.

(He also once went to work feeling very rough, and when I said he should stay off said "No, it's easier at work when I don't feel well . . . " Thank you God!!! Not that I have brought that one up very often . . . only about twenty times or so.)

BlingLoving Fri 05-Aug-11 08:22:32

Haha- yes, I should try that.

He has now apologised! He realised he was being entirely unfair!

Indaba Fri 05-Aug-11 23:46:04


man stroke woman man cold

says it all grin

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